Removal of personality defects will be an integral part of spiritual practice in kaliyug .

Today I am going to share how did the process of sharing our mistakes start in our guru’s ashram and became an integral part of our spiritual practice.
Since now its very clear that our guru His Holiness Dr. Athavale has come on this earth to redifne spirituality in modern scienitific language so that the people of Kaliyug can understand its importance and also can understand the science of spirituality underlying Vedic Sanatan Dharma and abide Dharma so the seekers who become a part of His divine mission  and do samashti sadhana progress at rocket speed due to His resolve. When many intellectuals and young seekers came to know about the importance of spreading spirituality they instantly became a part of His Divine mission. But then the subtle negative forces which are more dominant in kaliyug as the people in Kaliyug dont abide Dharma, they became afraid of our Shreeguru’s motive and they started creating problems in seekers’ life which did not have solutions at intellectual and mental plane , not only that the negative forces started getting manifested in seekers and started disturbing the enviroment of the ashram and also started creating chaos in seekers’s spiritual practice , then Shreeguru would do spiritual healing for consistently for many hours together, without having food and sleep . What He experienced that though through his spiritual powers He would remove the negaitve energies, the seeker would be fine for a day or two and then he or she would get possesed by another negative force or entity, He would again remove that entity, so this process continued for a year or so and it seemed to be an endless process. All these manifestations of negative energies and its healing process have been recorded and few video clips are also available on too. Finally due to His inbuilt research orientation, He tried to find out the reason for the seeker getting possessed again and again and surprisingly He came to the conclusion that the seekers’ personality defects are the entry holes for the negative forces. As He was a medicinal practioner and had specialised in psychotherapy and was a reknowned specialist of hypnotherapy ,the most advanced therapy of the west in recent time for curing mental problems, He started guiding seekers to use this therapy for removing the personality defects. What he found that the negative energies problems decreased as soon as the intensity of defects decreased. Then He thought that if the seekers who dont suffer from negative energy distress, if they work on their defects they would progress even faster as many times the power of spiritual practice gets utilised in countering the sins incurred due to mistakes which occur due to the defects in the personality. So in this way one can find white boards in our guru’s ashram and in our Upasana’s ashram also where seekers share their mistakes and try to overcome their defects through the psychoanalysis technique of hypnotherapy. Writing mistakes is just a step in this process and as per my understanding this will be an integral part of spiritual practice in Kaliyug for rapid spiritual progress as the people of kaliyug will always have more personality defects due to heightened ego and lack of abidance of Dharma. So seekers, please do understand the importance of writing and sharing mistakes , it not only evolves you as a good person but due to our Shreeguru’s resolve who is the saint of the highest order, it protects you from the attacks of the sublte negative forces also . So do try to share or write atleast two mistakes everyday regularly and see the difference in your material and spiritual life.  – Tanuja Thakur (21.5.2014)

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