Ram Rajya

One journalist asked me that if my objective is establishment of Ram Rajya, how will I establish Ram Rajya through Pravachans (discourses)?
In the real sense, Ram Rajya means reining in one’s desires, getting immersed in the principle of God. When each and every person will start making efforts to establish such a Ram Rajya, it will not take long for it to get established first of all within an individual, after that in his family and consequently, in a village and state, and then in the nation. Hence, for such a Ram Rajya, we will have to make efforts from two planes – one, at a personal level and the second, at the societal level. Vyashti means efforts to do spiritual practice at a personal level for establishing Ram Rajya, make conscious efforts to remove one’s faults and mistakes pertaining to ego.
At the societal level, it is to stop the devaluation of Dharma and establish a national system based on Dharma, make efforts to prevent the denigration of deities and cows, give strict punishment to anti-nationals and the Dharma Drohis (those against Dharma). Luckily, several organisations like ours are making efforts in this direction. And the results of these efforts are going to be visible within 10 years.-Tanuja Thakur

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