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नाधर्मश्चरितो लोके सद्य: फलति गौरिव |  शनैराववर्त्यमानस्तु कर्तुर्मुलानि कृतन्ति || – मनुस्मृति

Meaning: A sin committed by a sinner is just like a seed that is sown into earth. This seed does not become a tree immediately. It requires time to grow into tree and at the right time it bears fruits.  Similarly  a sin committed by a sinner grows and at the right time, wiping him.

Sinners and corrupt people always meet their end in the most brutal way. They prepare for their death themselves, every activity in this universe takes its own time i.e once their pitcher of sins are filled they are annihilated and the victory of Dharma prevails. When the Almighty punishes the evildoers they surely meet their tragic end and history bears testimony to this fact.


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