Panacea on the pathetic state of Hindus and Dharma

Impart religious education and  establish a ‘Hindu Nation !’
The rationalists who make  Hindu Dharma hollow from within are the foremost enemies of Hindu Dharma. In the last 150 years, many so-called reformers and rationalists  (who never studied Dharma) were born. ‘Andhhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti’ is their modern edition. They created doubts in the minds of the people about Dharma, destroyed faith in Dharma and created hatred among castes.  As a result, the flow of Divine energy that Hindus were getting, ceased.  Thereafter, the Hindus were divided and their collective strength was destroyed.  Now the situation is such that a Muslim king may rule Bharat once again. There  is only one solution on this pathetic state – to impart education on Dharma to the Hindus, get religious conducts performed from them, enhance  their pride in their own Dharma and establish the ‘Hindu Nation’.                                                                        – Dr.  Athavale (13.9.2012)

Commentary  by ‘A Scholar’

A. Rationalists do  not understand Dharma because they lack in the Sattva component : In every  karma (Action which gives rise to destiny) and every action, the rationalists  behave as per their own wish which is tainted with selfish ambitions. Those who  behave with undue imposition of their own wish on others are rationalists. They  have not understood the concept and meaning of Dharma; because they lack in the  Sattva component (One of the three components in the universe).
B. Tama-predominant  mindset in the task of rationalists 
    B1. Individuals tend to  turn to unrighteousness off and on due to a Tama-predominant intellect : Where  the tendency of behaving as per one’s own wish is more, ego is strong. God does  not exist where there is ego. What remains is a Tama-predominant intellect. Such  an intellect leads the individual towards  unrighteousness and creates doubts  about religious rituals in his mind.
      B2. In the company of  rationalists, most people discard religious customs that have been followed over  generations in their families : By remaining in the bad company of rationalists,  many people invite trouble and get ruined. They oppose the religious customs  that have been followed over generations in their families.
      B3. Rationalists who  pervert the mind of the society : The mind of the society is made hollow when  one behaves against the dictates of Dharma and performs actions that are  not sanctioned by Dharma, as also due to the hold of the rationalists.  Since these individuals are deeply atheist, they reject the very concept of  God.
      B4. Rationalists adhere  only to Tama-predominant rules : It is the birthright of rationalists to adhere  to Tama-predominant rules that they have created as per their own wish and call  them ‘science’. Since such rationalists hate and envy Saints, individuals who  are blessed by Gurus, disciples and many virtuous people, they are averse to  Spirituality in the first place.
     B5. Tama-predominant  school of thought of rationalists does not give any direction to the society :  This wicked tribe that opposes development of Spirituality is eating into the  very vitals of the Hindus like termites. Though these rationalists advo-cate a  scientific temperament and call themselves ‘reformers’, their Tama-predominant  school of thought does not give any direction to the society; the rationalists  perform the task of taking the society to the depth of degeneration more  vigorously.
     B6. Rationalists have  incurred a great sin by destroying the Sattva-predominant code of conduct  in the society : Since today’s rationalists take the people away from moral  ethics under false pretexts and keep them engrossed in the foreign outlook of  indulging in material pleasures, they have incurred a great sin by destroying  the Sattva-predominant code of conduct in karmakanda (Rites,  rituals and observances performed at the physical level) in the society. God  will certainly punish them; but to fall prey to their lies and thus waste the  entire human life is a sign of foolishness.
      B7. Rationalists are a  class of so-called philosophers that does not believe in the existence of a soul  without a body. How will they gain infinite knowledge ?
     B8. Rationalists take the  people away from the ultimate Truth : Rationalists are basically interested in  taking the people away from the ultimate Truth. By falling prey to their  deception, the Hindus have greatly harmed themselves and destroyed their own  collective strength. A true intellectual is one  who has understood the key to God-realisation and is striving hard for  it Who is a  true intellectual ? He who has understood the key to God-realisation and is  striving hard for it is a true intellectual. The real goal in life is to become  a pure devotee of God, destroy self-willed, Tama-predominant and egoistic  intellect, and transform it into the Sattva component for reaching the  Holy feet of God.
       A. Everyone should  listen to Saints and progress spiritually : Everyone should listen to Saints  and progress spiritually; else, the day is not far off when they will get caught  in the clutches of rationalists and ruin their own lives forever.
       B. One is liberated  from the cycle of birth and death only upon leading a spiritual life :  Understanding the immortal Principle amounts to leading a spiritual life. Man  takes birth as per his karmas, and as soon as the effect of karma is over, he  takes another birth. This cycle of birth and death continues. One is liberated  from this cycle only upon leading a spiritual life.
C. Since the  rationalists are bent on eliminating Sanatan Hindu Dharma, they must be opposed  vehemently : Though the physical body gets destroyed with time, the soul is  Sanatan, that is, immortal. Since the rationalists are bent on eliminating  Sanatan Hindu Dharma, they cannot be convinced about the concept of the  immortal soul. Hence, they must be opposed strongly. Else, the day is not far  off when the rule of unrighteousness will dawn.
D. It is only when  the original Hindu philosophy, that is, Sanatan Dharma, is propagated in the  society, the next generation will be Sattva-predominant : The  tribe of the so-called ‘science’ elements, who have been perverted because of  the Tama-predominant intellect, must be eliminated from the face of the earth.  In other words, their school of thought must be refuted, the original Hindu  philosophy – Sanatan Dharma – should be propagated in the society. Then  alone will the next generation be Sattva-predominant.
     To achieve this, H.H. Dr.  Athavale has suggested only one alternative – to impart education on  Dharma to the people, get religious conduct performed from them, enhance  their pride in their own Dharma and establish the ‘Hindu  Nation’.
(Through the medium of Mrs.  Anjali Gadgil, Adhik Bhadrapad Krushna 12, Kaliyug Varsh 5114  [13.9.2012], 5.23 p.m.)
Source: Monthly Sanatan Prabhat (English)

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