One of the seekers asked me that if negative energies give so many problems, why don’t I do something about it?

I recall, once my Shree Guru got a quote was displayed on a banner, “There is none in this Universe who can cast an evil eye at my Bhakta (devotee).” I always repose full faith in His words. Hence, leave about harming me, in this entire Universe, no one can even cast an evil eye on me, such is the protective armour of my Sadguru upon me.
But if this body, which is but a vehicle for carrying faeces and urine can be utilized for the protection of Dharma, my life will become blessed. Negative energies give me excessive problems because I try to teach the subtle aspect of spirituality to the society, but they are not able to affect my mind and intellect. Hence, a number of problems notwithstanding, the mind remains blissful. As far as enduring the problems is concerned, it is my good fortune and part of my penance, because if I am able to become an associate in Guru Kaarya (mission of my Guru) in any form, gross or subtle, I will consider myself blessed . Tanuja Thakur

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