Nehru’s blunders that jeopardised the Nation !

Nehru’s blunders that jeopardised the Nation !

1. Ignoring the interest of the Nation, Nehru allotted a very important ministry (Ministry of Defence) to unworthy Mr. VK Krishna Menon because he was in Nehru’s good books : Though there were many worthy individuals to administer the country, Nehru failed to allot ministries on the basis of merit. Allotment of ministries was made on the basis of personal sentiments and to those who were in his good books.
Without giving due thought, he allotted an important and sensitive ministry like the Ministry of Defence to the unintelligent individual like Mr. VK Krishna Menon.
Mr. Krishna Menon was influenced by the westerners. He was known just as a friend of Nehru. He used to give speeches lasting 4-5 hours; but no one could understand what he was speaking. 2. Nehru turned a blind eye to the Himalayan blunders of Mr. Krishna Menon : After Kashmir merged into Bharat, Pakistan gave a written assurance that it would not attack in the future.
While speaking on Pakistan and China in the Parliament, Mr. Krishna Menon said that now Pakistan had become a friendly country and that China had been a friend for long. He asked, “Why should we have soldiers on our borders ? Why should the Government spend on soldiers ?” Thereafter, Mr. Krishna Menon sent the soldiers home.
Later, under the false notion that in the future we would not be fighting any war, Mr. Krishna Menon closed down the ordinance factories to contain Government expenditure.
Nehru turned a blind eye to all the mistakes of Mr. Krishna Menon and sent him on a China tour. While speaking in China, he made similar statements, which gave an impression to the Chinese that he had spoken with the support of Nehru.
However, then, China attacked Bharat’s area, Aksai Chin (near Nepal). When China captured a large area, Nehru woke up to the grim reality. However, he had no soldiers at hand to fight the war, nor did he have enough ammunition. Hence, we had to suffer huge losses. 3. Nehru was not interested in winning back the land captured by China : China transgressed and captured a huge area of Bharat when America mediated and forced Nehru to allow China to keep the captured land.
There was a heated debate in the council of ministers on this issue many times. Once, when Nehru had no answer to offer, he said, “It does not matter; as it is, not a blade of grass grows there”. A minister retorted, pointing to Nehru’s bald head, “Nothing grows there. Should it be cut off and given to China ?” 4. Nehru’s earnest desire to become the Prime Minister of Bharat encouraged the creation of Pakistan and made Nehru feel superior to others :Nehru was very interested in becoming the first Prime Minister of independent Bharat. When negotiations were going on with the British, Barrister Jinnah expressed his desire to become the Prime Minister of Bharat. Nehru said sarcastically, “Are you worthy of becoming even a peon in the office of the Prime Minister ?” This infuriated Barrister Jinnah, and though he was not inclined towards partitioning of Bharat, he was cornered into demanding an independent Pakistan.
– (Late) Mr. Rajiv Dixit, Pioneer of Swadeshi Movement

Source: Daink Sanatan Prabhat

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