Who all can suffer from troubles by negative energies ?

Today entire human race is suffering from the problems afflicted by sublte negative forces. Let’s see it by making a three-fold classification:
1. Those who do not do spiritual practice.
2. The seekers who do some kind of spiritual practice;
3. Saints.

Today, why are all the three categories suffering ?
The condition of those who do not do spiritual practice is the most pitiable, they are entirely under the control of negative energies .
Today’s semi-clad models, corrupt leaders, homosexual people, rapists, killers, egoistic persons, the Hindus who follow the western culture blindly, drunkards, all these people are the ones who are most controlled by negative energies or to put it in other words, the physical bodies are theirs and the mind and intellect are of negative energies.
In contemporary society, more than 70% of the people are suffering from medium to severe impact of negative energies. These forces trouble those who do spiritual practice, so that such people are deflected from the path of practice and their mind may have negative thoughts about dharma, spirituality, saints and Gurus, so that their practice can be disturbed and the negative forces may take control of such people. In today’s society, more than 90% of good seekers are troubled by negative energies.
Why do saints experience distress ?
The subtle body of the saints becomes one with the unmanifest form of God, implying that their subtle bodies are in unison with the society . Thus, they too face distress basically related to physical body .
What are the problems that can be inflicted due to negative energies ?
Depression, suicidal thoughts, excessive anger and in such a rage loss of self-control, lust-filled thoughts occupying the mind all the time, sleeplessness, excessive sleep, pain in any part of the body and such a pain not being curable through any medicine, extremely restless mind, perennial losses in business/profession, obstacles during examinations, family discord at all times, regular miscarriages, incurring heavy financial losses without any reason, genetic diseases/disorders, being addictive, accidents at frequent intervals and obstacles in job, or means of livelihood. Gang-rapes, homosexuality, dreaded sexual diseases, all these are caused due to the people who are possessed by negative energies. – (Paratpar Guru)  Tanuja Thakur

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