‘Land Jihad’ tightens noose around Kerala !


‘Land Jihad’ tightens noose around Kerala !

Kochi (Kerala) – Kerala, considered to be the ‘God’s own land’, is often targeted for cultural and religious aggressions. The Hindus of Kerala, who are mired in various problems such as religious violence, increasing crime among the youth, murders, ‘Love Jihad’, corruption, increasing Jihadi terrorism etc., are facing a new threat – ‘Land Jihad’. The Muslim conspiracy is to purchase lands of the Hindus at exorbitant prices, control maximum land in the State and thus create Islamistan. (‘Land Jihad’ is not limited only to Kerala; Muslims are spreading it throughout the country in some measure or the other. Are Hindus ready to accept this challenge of the Muslims ? – Editor)
1. Muslims have purchased vast lands in various parts of Kerala.
2. There are cases where lands were purchased at a price higher than the market rate.
3. As a result, most of the land in Kerala has gone into the possession of the Muslims over the last 10 years.
4. Since all dealings are legal, apparently there is nothing objection-able; however, this is a plot to acquire the lands of Hindus officially.
5. The Hindu population is reducing drastically in Kerala. Intellectuals are of the view that to worsen the condition of the Hindus further, the Muslims have chalked out a plan to launch ‘Land Jihad’.
Hand of Gulf countries in ‘Land Jihad’
The ‘Land Jihad’ began from the Muslim-dominated Mallapuram District and the obsession has spread throughout Kerala. Kasargod District is severely affected by ‘Land Jihad’ and the Muslim real estate businessmen have purchased farms and coconut plantations from the Hindus several years ago at prices much higher than the market price. It is learnt that local Muslims are getting funds from the Gulf countries to buy fertile lands at a higher price. (This proves how Islamic countries are working on a war-footing to turn Bharat into Islamistan. When are Hindus going to realise the cunning ways of Muslims ? – Editor)
According to a survey conducted by ‘The Economic Times’, of 10 most favoured cities in the country, 5 are in Kerala. Due to ‘Land Jihad’ of the Muslims, the possibility of the Hindus in Kerala getting displaced like the Kashmiri Hindus cannot be ruled out.
O Hindus ! Selling land to Muslims is against Dharma !
It is tragic that Muslims lure Hindus with money and Hindus fall easy prey to their conspiracy. Will a Muslim ever sell land to a Hindu ? Since there is no education on Dharma for the Hindus, religious pride is not created in them, and thus they incur a sin in this manner. To fight against Muslims, it is necessary that Hindus become strong at the physical, psychological and spiritual levels. This can be achieved only through education on Dharma.

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat November English Edition


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