How to be devoted to a Guru



When a disciple starts doing Sadhana and his devotion towards the Guru starts increasing, in order to enhance the blossoming of such divine virtues in the disciple as patience, devotion, love, yearning, humility and Sharanagati (surrender at the feet), He puts him through adverse circumstances. If the disciple turns successful with the help of these virtues, the Guru confers all his wealth (knowledge, devotion and asceticism) to the disciple. We will take a look at how to be devoted to a Guru through an inspirational story.
There was a disciple by the name of Sandipan. He used to be immersed in the service of his Guru in front of Vishweshwar temple in Kashi. His Guru was a leprosy patient. He used to serve his Guru throughout the day, used to clean up his wounds, apply medicine to the wounds, serve his Guru food obtained through begging, but his Guru used to behave rudely with him. When he lovingly applied medicine to the wounds, his Guru would taunt, “So you have repulsion for my wounds.” When the disciple used to go out for begging, he used to consume rotten and stale food himself and used to bring the remaining best food for his Guru, but the Guru used to say, “You yourself eat the best you get and bring all the rotten food for me.” Sandipan would never say anything and remained blissfully immersed in Guru’s service. He was so engrossed in Guru’s service that he could not even go inside the temple to have a glimpse of God Vishweshwar in all of 12 years!
One day, God Vishnu himself appeared in a disguise and said, ‘What have you got out of serving this leper to this day except abuses, kicks and various kinds of accusations. You leave this leper and come with me. I will give you all that you would not have even imagined. Sandipan replied politely, “My Shree Guru has the capacity to give me everything of this universe, I do not want anything from you.” Pleased with his devotion towards his Guru, God Vishnu asked him to choose a boon. Sandipan said, “If you are so pleased, then please make my Guru healthy.” As soon as God Vishnu said Tathastu (So be it), the leper Guru appeared as Shiva in reality and the disciple’s life was blessed!!! In the real sense, worshipping and serving saints in gross form is the most difficult service of this universe and one who has won the heart of such a self-realised soul easily attains the Parampad (ultimate state).

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