Sage Narada and Maya Devi


Sage Narada and Maya Devi

Once God Vishnu told Sage Narada that , there is nothing real in this world and what all we see is due to the playful acts of Maya Devi. Narada did not understand it and requested God Vishnu to make him experience the powers of Maya Devi. Vishnu took sage Narada along with him and they reached a very deep forest in which there was a very big lake. God Vishnu requested Sage Narada to take bath in that lake. Narada kept his Veena called Mahati and the deer skin on which he used to meditate on the shore and entered the lake to take bath. Suddenly Sage Narada was transformed in to a very pretty lady. She came out of the lake and was enjoying the beauty of nature around her. At that time a king called Thaladwaja reached near the shore. Attracted by her divine beauty he requested the lady to marry him. She also agreed and married him. Times rolled by.

After 12 years of very happy married life they got a son called Veravarma. Then onwards, every two years she produced a child. And within another 24 years, she became mother of 12 children. Later she became mother for another eight children. All her children reached adulthood and married. And she got several grand children. At this time an enemy king invaded the country of Thaladwaja. In the battle most of his children and grand children were killed. Thaladwaja ran for his life. Then he left his country along with his wife and reached the same lake where he found her. God Vishnu in the form of a Brahmin was waiting there. He asked them to take bath in the lake. Narada regained his original form. He then could realize what all happened to him. God Vishnu then told him that all that happened was an illusion, which appeared real and was due to Maya Devi.


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