Importance of Kartik snan (bath) and its procedure:

Bath in month of Kartik, importance of Kartik snan (bath) and its procedure:
In the year 2012, Kartik snans (baths) begin from October 29. During the entire month, bath, offerings, donating lamps, Tulsi Vivah (marriage of basil plant), are done and the grandeur of the story of Kartik is being listened. Doing so leads to obtaining auspicious fruits and sins get destroyed. According to Puranas, a
ny person who takes a bath, makes offerings and observes a fast, sins of such persons do get destroyed.
The month of Kartik is considered extremely sacred. In this one month, the virtuous fruits of all the pilgrimages in India taken together are obtained during this month. Worship and fasting done during this month gets the auspicious fruits equivalent to pilgrimages. The importance of this month is mentioned in ancient scriptures such as Skand Purana, Narad Purana, Padma Puran etc. The fruits of bath taken during the month of Kartik are similar to a thousand dips in Ganga and equals a hundred baths taken during the month of Magha. It is equivalent to taking a crore dips in river Narmada in the month of Vaishakh. The fruit that is obtained from taking a bath in Kumbh at Prayag, the same fruit is obtained by taking a bath on the banks of any sacred river during the month of Kartik. During this month, chanting must be done as much as possible. Eat food only once a day. Those people who follow the rules of the sacred month of Kartik, get liberated from all the sins of the year.

The importance of bath and offerings in the month of Kartik
This month has been considered to be the best for righteous deeds. Taking bath in sacred rivers from Asvin Shukl Paksh to Kartik Shukl Paksh and contemplation has been considered to be the best. The devout ones take a bath early in the morning on the banks of Ganga or Yamuna. Those who cannot take a bath in the rivers, take a bath in their homes and perform a Puja in their house. During the month of Kartik, the importance of lighting a lamp, or lighting up in temples of Shiv, Chandi, Surya and other deities are being done. During this month, God Vishnu must be greeted with flowers. By doing this, the virtues of the fruit of Ashvamedha Yagnya are obtained. A person should take a bath on Pournima (full moon day) of the month of Kartik without fail. On the shashthi (sixth day) of the month of Kartik, a ritual of Kartikeya’s fast too is performed. Swami Kartikeya is its God. On this day, one must also make offerings as per one’s capacity. This offerings can also be made to a needy person or a saint. The pilgrimage places of Pushkar, Kurukshetra and Varanasi have been considered very important for taking a bath and making a donation in the month of Kartik.

Kartik Snan Puja

After taking a morning bath, Radha-Krishna must be worshipped with Tulsi (basil), Peepal and Aanvla. Performing circumambulations of all the deities has been considered important. Perform a puja of God Vishnu in the evening and also worship Tulsi (basil). Also donate lamps in the evening. It is believed that in the month of Kartik, the rays of the sun and moon exert a beneficial effect on man. These rays provide a constructive energy to the mind and brain of a person. During the month of Kartik, performing Puja of RadhaKrishna, God Vishnu and Tulasi (basil) is considered extremely important. A person who performs their puja, obtains the virtues of fruits.
Few religious people also have Taara Bhojan during the month of Kartik. The person who fasts the whole day, offers Ardhya (portion) to the stars at night and then eat food. On the last day of the fast, a concluding ritual is performed. Every year, with the start of the month of Kartik, holy baths too commence. During this month, getting up early in the morning, men and women proceed to take a holy dip. On this day, a bath in Ganga, donating lamps are extremely important. Besides this, a person can also donate as per one’s capacity. On this day, donation has been considered very important. Tridevas (triumvirate of Gods) has called it a highly sacrosanct festival. It is also known as Tripuri Pournima. On the day of Kartik Pournima, when the moon is in Krittika Nakshatra and sun is located in Vishakha Nakshatra, Padma Yog is formed. Thisis formed. This Yog holds an importance of its own.

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