How to Control Carnal Desires

For the last two years, I have received several letters on Facebook particularly the youth, that they have bad habits pertaining to carnal desires and ask me what they should do in this regard. Hence, today I am taking up the solution to this problem here.
Impressions of carnal desires are heavily imprinted upon today’s men. The reason is lack of Dharmaacharan (abiding by the code of conduct as per Vedic Dharma). Many of them want to get rid of such addictions as not being able to concentrate due to predominance of carnal desires, obsessive thoughts of satiation of such desires coming to mind, addiction to dirty and obscene photographs or visiting obscene or porn websites etc , but most of them don’t know how to get rid of them.
It must be remembered that desires are so overpowering that it has been said in Manu Smriti,
मात्रा स्वस्रा दुहित्रा वा न विविक्तासनो भवेत् ।
बलवानिन्द्रियग्रामो विद्वांसमपि कर्षति ।।
“Maatra swasraa duHitraa van a viviktasano bhaveT
balavaaniNindriyaamo vivdamsamapi karshati,”
Meaning : A male should not sleep or even sit on the same bed with his mother, sister or daughter; for the attraction of the senses is so strong that even a knowledgeable and learned person may lose control and get carried away by their intensity.

Let us take a look at the solutions that we can apply to control our desires:
(i) A healthy body constitutes a healthy mind. Hence, pay attention to your physical health. Exercise regularly, or practice Yogasana (yogic postures) regularly.
(ii) Even if for a short duration, do Pranayam (yogic breathing exercises). Add it to the daily routine.
(iii) Read the books, or words written by saints everyday; Chaitanya (divine consciousness) in words written by saints purifies the intellect, which leads to the awakening of our Vivek (prudence), as we are able to discriminate between right and wrong actions or thoughts. Put up a photograph of a saint in your room, this also purifies our subtle body as the healing occurs due to the divinity emitted by the photograph.
(iv) ‘See no evil, hear no evil’; I had noticed one of our senior seekers who used to skip the page on cinema while reading the newspaper. I saw him doing this not once, but several times and seeing this, my respect for him increased.
(v) As soon as you get lustful thoughts, pray fervently to God Ganesh, or to your Guru to purify your intellect and to allow you to control the unwanted lustful thoughts.
(vi) If possible, try to go for weekly Satsangs or Pravachans (discourses).
(vii) As far as possible, wear white coloured, or light-colour clothes avoid wearing black clothes.
(viii) If you get too many lustful thoughts, try the salt-water treatment.
(ix) Applying the spiritual remedy of Akash Tattva (Sky principle) too purifies the Vaasana deh (sensual body) and Mano deh (mental body) and is extremely beneficial. When the sky is blue and the sunlight is mild, take a chair or a seat and sit down to pray for 20 minutes to the Aakash Tattva: “O Sky element! Through your Chaitanya, purify our Mano deh and Kaaran deh (sublte intellect body) and the black veil surrounding our mind and intellect depleted.”
(x) Purify the premises of the house regularly through simple vastu healing remedies. Information about this has been provided in an earlier issue of Soham.
(xi) Chant Guru Mantra, or ‘Shree Guru Dev Datt” at least three hours. In the beginning, start from 10 minutes and gradually increase it.
(xii) Provide self-information. Before going to sleep, repeat this sentence in your mind 10 times, “Whenever lustful thoughts will come to my mind, I will be alert and make an effort to do chanting and give the mind proper direction”. Continue with this auto-suggestion for a month.
(xiii) Do not stay awake at night after 11 pm.
(xiv) Avoid any kind of addiction. If any of your friends are addicts, reject them, or minimise your interactions with them.

(xv) If possible, also put up a photograph of the deity you venerate in your office; else keep a smaller photograph on your desk and pray as well as chant from time to time. Controlling the carnal desires is most difficult and only once Advait (non-duality) is attained does it come completely under control. Hence, make an effort to make your mind and intellect pure.
(xvi) As far as possible, avoid eating food from outside.
(xvii) Do not watch Tamasic (spiritually impure) film songs and obscene films, and do not read obscene literature.

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