How and when do we get trapped by fraudulent Gurus?


(i) If we are not familiar with the science of spirituality.
(ii) If we do not possess the knowledge of the Sukshma (subtle dimension).
(iii) If we look for a Guru with a purpose of acquiring material gains.
(iv) When there is no solid foundation of our own Sadhana.
(v) When we want to pursue spirituality in order to get rid of life’s routine problems.
(vi) When we do not have full faith on Guru Shastra.
(vii) One gets a Guru as per one’s own Sadhakatva (Seekership qualities). Thus if we want a Guru of a high level, we will have to enhance our seeker-ship qualities.
(viii) When we get influenced by the size of the crowd to accept someone our Guru. The reality is that we do not accept a Guru, but Gurus accept us as disciples. – Tanuja Thakur

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