Hindus will have to pay for their peace and security ! – Mr. Tapan Ghosh, Hindu Samhati

‘Even if a Hindu carries weapons but is not mentally prepared to put up a fight, he is of no use. Therefore, Hindus should develop mentality for preparedness to fight. If we want peace and security, we will have to pay for it. Pandavs had to lose Abhimanyu during the process of regaining kingdom from the Kauravs. Despite the fact that Shri Krushna, the God Himself was his charioteer, Arjun had to lose his son. At that time Shri Krushna had consoled Arjun by quoting a doctrine that ‘To gain something we have to loose something’. This was stated by Mr. Tapan Ghosh, Hindu leader and President of the organisation ‘Hindu Samhati’, which fights for the rights of Hindus in Bengal.

In Assam and Bengal, there are at least 100 riots each day between Hindus and Muslims. However, since the media do not pass on this information throughout the country, Hindus of this country are unaware of this. He added that Assam and Bengal are following the fate of Kashmir.
Is a Muslim mother’s milk is more nutritious than that of a Hindu mother ?
When the Muslims start rioting, the womenfolk of Hindus shut the windows and doors of houses and stop them from moving out. I have talked strongly several times to alter this mentality. When I challenge them with the question, ‘Both Hindus and Muslims drink their mother’s milk; is a Muslim mother’s milk more nutritious than that of a Hindu mother ?’ When they are asked thus they fight and win too.
Hand over leadership to the courageous, selfless and intelligent youngsters !
1. ‘If a deer is leading the army of tigers then there is no need to fear them. However, if a tiger is leading a battalion of deers, they need to be feared.’ This was recently quoted by Gen. V.K. Singh.

2. What today’s youth need is a sturdy leadership. Therefore, mix with them, praise them, assure them and he will be overwhelmed with love.
The real Unity is when oppression on Hindus will have its repercussions all over the Nation !
1. The prominent Hindu leader from Kashmir was assassinated on 13th September 1989. Had there been prompt repercussions all over the Nation then the Hindus in Kashmir would never have been refugees.

2. Had there been similar repercussions all over India after even a single attack on Hindu in Kashmir, Hindus in Kashmir would have been secure today. Muslims have similar unity. Hindus should have the same.

Source : Daily Sanatan Prabhat

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