Hindu Adhiveshan’ is a stepping stone for the establishment of ‘Hindu Rashtra’ ! – H. H. Dr. Athavale

June 9, 2012
Jyeshtha Krushna 6, Kaliyug Varsha 5114

Hindu Unity resulting from the ‘All India Convention for establishment of the Hindu Rashtra’ is a stepping stone for the establishment of the ‘Hindu Rashtra’, which will have the foundation of Dharma ! – Dr. Jayant Athavale

1. Establishment of the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ is a necessity not just for Hindus, but for the whole of mankind !
The term ‘Hindu Rashtra’ does not have a parochial meaning such as ‘A Nation belonging to Hindus’. The ‘Hindu Rashtra’ is not a religious term either. Synonyms of this term are ‘Divine Kingdom’, ‘Ramrajya’. The ‘Hindu Rashtra’ actually implies an ideal kingdom. In the (soon to be established) ‘Hindu Rashtra’, all the subjects will be happy and blissful; and hence, it is a necessity not just for Hindus, but for the whole of mankind. Having said that the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ means an ideal kingdom, it will be needless to add that Bharatiyas will benefit from it; additionally, it will facilitate propagation of Dharma throughout the world, due to which, people all over the world will get to know about Spirituality and spiritual practice. As a result, a Sattva-predominant atmosphere, akin to the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ will prevail on earth, making the whole of mankind happy.

2. Developing a sense of unity among the Hindu organisations will be the greatest result of this Convention !
The highest common objective of all Hindu organisations throughout Bharat has been the establishment of the ‘Hindu Rashtra’. Further, daily activities of all Hindu organisations have been directed towards the welfare of the society, Nation and Dharma. Despite the common objective, the same direction of efforts, achieving the goal looked a distant proposition. The only reason for this is the lack of unity among Hindu organisations. Therefore, no one has been able to see the manifestation of the power of the unity of Hindutva. This Convention will display that unity of Hindus. It will help get rid of the feeling of isolation among the Hindu organisations, and they will become active for the protection of Dharma with the confidence that they are as united as the ‘Pandavs’. Finally, the objective of establishing the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ will be realised.

From the perspective of result of the Convention, 30% Hindus getting permanently associated with the mission, while 30% Hindus getting associated occasionally will be the biggest result of this Convention. But for this Convention, it would have been very difficult for these patriotic and devout Hindus to even meet each other.

3. Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) in the word ‘Hindu Rashtra’ itself accomplishes the task
If someone thinks that the Hindus attending this Convention are doing so because of the appeal of one individual or the popularity of one organisation, they would be very mistaken. It is basically the Chaitanya in the term ‘Hindu Rashtra’ that has brought them here. Once the importance of Chaitanya is realised, no one can develop ego about accomplishing any task. Thus, an individual begins to perform the task and yet is devoid of ego. When this happens, he is blessed by God and the task becomes successful.

4. This Convention has the blessings of Deities and Saints
This Convention is basically a Divine plan, not some human effort. Therefore, the Convention has the blessings of Deities and Saints. The entire Hindu society will benefit from these blessings at the level of Chaitanya. It is only natural that obstacles of demoniacal energies will have to be faced in the mission of Dharmasansthapana (Reinstatement of Dharma). Saints and evolved seekers of Sanatan Sanstha are using their spiritual prowess; they are chanting and praying for the elimination of these obstacles. Taking inspiration from this Convention, if Hindu organisations and the entire Hindu society contribute towards the establishment of the ‘Hindu Rashtra’, then they too will progress spiritually and move closer to God.

It is my prayer unto the Holy feet of my Sadguru H.H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj, that may the Hindu unity resulting from the ‘All India Convention for establishment of the Hindu Rashtra’ be the stepping stone for the establishment of the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ !

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