Gratitude – An important phase in Sadhana under Bhaktiyog (Path of Devotion)


Gratitude – An important phase in Sadhana under Bhaktiyog (Path of Devotion)
Praying, meaning requesting God with a yearning and gratitude, implying offering one’s tributes to the God.
The sentiment of gratitude increases the weightage of devotion. Maintaining a respectful feeling towards whatever God has given us and offering our tributes to Him is known as gratitude. A feeling of gratitude reduces our Kartapan (sense of doership); hence, while performing any task, if praying and after the completion of the work, expressing gratitude are made an integral part of Sadhana, our spiritual progress takes place at a faster pace.
Reproaching God for what He has not given is not Sadhakatva (seekerhood).
If you prepare a list of what God has given, you will understand how much of His grace we enjoy. By and by, as we keep expressing gratitude towards Him, we keep understanding that whatever grief we have undergone, was actually for our goodwill in some form or the other.

Phases of gratitude:
When happiness is achieved and sincere gratitude towards God is produced, that is known as the first phase of gratitude.
When you beget grief, but the faith towards God remains the same and gratitude is expressed, is called the second phase of gratitude.
A flow of unbroken gratitude is the pinnacle of the state of Dvait (duality). Saints at the highest levels stay in Sadhana with a Bhav of unbroken gratitude, this is known as Dnyanottar Bhakti (devotion beyond knowledge). – Tanuja Thakur

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