Saraswati Stuti

या कुन्देन्दु तुषार हार धवला या शुभ्रवस्त्रावृता
या वीणा वरदण्ड मण्डितकरा या श्वेतपद्मासना ।
या ब्रह्माच्युत शङ्करप्रभृतिभिर्देवैः सदा पूजिता
सा मां पातु सरस्वती भगवती निःशेषजाड्यापहा ॥
Meaning : Her complexion is like full moon, pearl, ice and the ‘Kund’ flower. She wears a white sari (free from contamination), She holds Veena in her two hands (a symbol of music), and Veda (original Hindu scripture and a symbol of knowledge) in other hand. She sits on a white lotus and is worshiped by Brahma (her husband), Vishnu, Mahesh, and all other gods of the universe. She is full of knowledge and we pray to Her for all these things.

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