This universe is action-oriented


Na hi kaschitakshanmapi jaatu tishthatykarmakrut
Kaaryate hyavashah karma sarvah prakruti jairgunaih – Shrimad Bhagvad Gita (3:5)
Meaning: Verily none can ever remain for even a moment without performing action; for, everyone is made to act helplessly indeed by the qualities born of Nature.
Implied meaning : This universe is action-oriented. Thus, right from an ant to the most evolved human being, everyone can be seen to be involved in one’s Karma.

Animals perform their actions according to their attribute and it rotates around slumber, fears, reproduction and food. Thus, animal birth is considered to be one of Bhog yoni which means nothing is in there hand . Human being has an upper handas its an evolved being , for only man possesses mind and intellect. Hence, he can contemplate and make spiritual progress and achieve communion with the supreme principle.
Man performs his Karma due to the virtues imparted to him by Prakruti (nature). For instance, a Saatvik (pure) person attaches primary to his spiritual progress and welfare of the society. Hence, his actions are more oriented towards that circle.
A Rajoguni (a Raj predominant) person desires fame, prosperity and enjoyment and makes efforts in this direction. Most of the actions of such people are focused around their own interests and those of their family.
A Tamoguni ( a Tam predominant person ) remains embroiled in violence, passions and enjoyment. Such a person can harm anyone for one’s own benefit. Thus, most of his actions qualify as unworthy deeds.  Tanuja Thakur



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