Does one progress by doing spiritual practice for the entire world ?

Question : If a person does Sadhana for oneself, one gets the fruit, but if one does Sadhana for the entire world, then too, does one reap its fruits?
– Shri Manish Bali

Answer : Sadhana (Spiritual practice) is of two types: Vyashti and Samashti . Vyashti sadhana means when one does sadhana to fullflll ones own expectations or the expectations of ones near and dear ones or does sadhana for self realisation. Samashti sadhana means efforts made for the spiritual progress of the society as a whole. As per my Shreeguru Paratpar guru Dr. Athavale, in Kaliyug (the age of Kali), the importance of Vyashti Sadhana is 30% and that of Samashti Seva is 70%. If vyashti sadhana is oriented purely for self realisation then spiritual progress takes place similarly if with a strong base of vyashti sadhana one does samashti sadhana then also the spiritual progress of the individual takes place.
It is merely so that when we make an effort to do Samashti Sadhana, without the the solid foundation of Vyashti Sadhana, negative energies of the subtle world attack us with ferocity and if we do not possess knowledge about the subtle world and our subtle senses are not active due to lack of spirtual practice and the grace of some superior form of deities or Guru is not there , then either some obstacle will crop up or even our Samashti Sadhana may get discontinued and our personal life can become complicated because of many obstacles of which the root cuase would lie in the the spiritual realm thus  whatever bit of vyashti or samashti sadhana we do that also stops; hence, during ancient times, Rushis-Munis (sages) used to perform Yadnyas (sacrificial fires) for the welfare of the society and when demons used to attack them and would make an effort to destroy the Yadnyas, they used to seek the assistance of higher order of saints than them and several times, also sought the assistance of deities and Avatars (incarnations). But to attain such grace and aid that they had already earned their grace by their vyashti sadhana. Hence, before doing Sadhana for the welfare of the world, first reinforce your own Sadhana and surely, devotees who do Sadhana for the world are counted among the greatest ones and their spiritual progress too takes place at a rapid pace and their fame sustains till eternity. – (Paratpar guru) Tanuja Thakur

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