Spiritual healing, questions & Anubhuti vis-a-vis negative energies

Spiritual healing, questions & Anubhuti vis-a-vis negative energies Questions pertaining to negative energies :

Namaskar Didi, I have started chanting as recommended by you.  In the beginning, I did not have any trouble doing the chanting, but after getting your Satsang for a few days, I made efforts to increase the quantity of chanting and realised that I am experiencing three types of troubles while doing chanting:

(i) At times, while doing chanting I experience restlessness;

(ii) Sometimes, I start getting unwanted and nasty thoughts in my mind;

(iii) Side by side, I also feel tired and feel that I must stop chanting.  I want to know why this happens”. – Shri Rohit Sharma, Delhi

Answer: Rohit, as you had told me you are addicted to drinking liquor, a habit that you want to give up. For the last few months, despite possessing the necessary qualification, you have not had a job and there is tension between you and your wife too. These are all symptoms of negative energies.  Had there been no troubles in your life, you would have experienced bliss during chanting and the bliss would have kept increasing. But if there are troubles caused by negative energies, the energy derived from chanting causes problems to them and seekers feel the troubles like feeling restlessness during chanting, getting unwanted and evil thoughts, as well as feeling tired. These are all symptoms that you are getting an upper hand over the negative energies, and that is why they are giving you these troubles so that you may stop chanting. Thus, you must do prayers before chanting and make an effort to increase the chanting.

After some time, your spiritual, as well as other worldly problems will get automatically reduced. If you feel restlessness during chanting, you can do Hasta Mudra  of Nyas (hand postures with the help of joining all the fingers),  on your Agnya Chakra(amidst the eyebrows), or Anahat Chakra(on the centre of the chest ) and simultaneously do chanting. If you are getting unwanted thoughts, and you feel irritable, then say a Prayer, “O God!  (meditate on the form of deity you venerate), whatever negative, or unimportant thoughts that the negative energies are trying to put into my mind, kindly protect me from them, and may your Astras and Shastras (arms and weapons) form Suraksha Kavach (protective armour) around me.  Also please remove the black veil on the mind and intellect.”

Repeat this prayer as much as possible, and with as much intensity as possible.

Let us now take a look at the Anubhuti of Shri Kothiyal, who does Seva in the editorial department of Soham: Anubhuti :

“This happened on July 15, 2012.  I was immersed in the Seva of translation of Soham.  Normally, I always pray to God and then start doing the Seva; but that day, I started doing the Seva without praying.  In the midst of my Seva, I felt a light black-coloured, cloud-like substance floating in front of the computer.

First, I thought that it must be an illusion, but I could see the black-coloured clouds for about half a minute.  Suddenly, I felt a slight shivering and I immediately recollected that I have not prayed to God, before starting the Seva.  I immediately closed my eyes, prayed  and started chanting, as well as waving my hand in a circular motion at the very place where I has seen the black-coloured clouds.  Why I did so, even I do not know.  But after that, that black cloud eloped. Analysis of Anubhuti: These black clouds are the energy emitted by the negative energies that create hindrances in the midst of Seva.

Thus, we must pray and do chanting before starting any Seva.  Such black cloud manifestation could  either create a snag in the computer, or give you some other kind of trouble.  The circular motion of the hand was doing a Mudra that soon destroyed the energy emitted by the negative energies and it was done due to divine inspiration. – Tanuja Thakur

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