Divinity has far reaching impact !

Yesterday I felt humbled when the officer in charge in Italian Consulate office told me” We could have given the passport authorising the visa to anyone who would have come to collect it on your behalf today as we were very happy with your interview yesterday and your persona reflects your authenticity and purity, but we wanted to meet you once more and get the postivity and blessings from you, hence we called you again” ! Now this is sheer grace I feel ! And they hardly asked anything in the interview , they had seen my profile on fb and my blog too ! So my articles did what I could not have done ! What surprised me was that both the officers were orthodox catholics so I learnt a lesson, divinity can have a far reaching impact on anyone and it has sound effects on the embodied soul who is basically spiritual and it is above the established religious parameters. H.H Tanuja Thakur

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