Difference between a ‘Janma Hindu’ (a Hindu by birth) and a ‘Karma Hindu’

What is the difference between a ‘Janma Hindu’ (a Hindu by birth) and a ‘Karma Hindu’ (a Hindu through Karma)?
‘Janma Hindu’, means one who thinks that I have become worthy of being called a Hindu, merely by taking birth in a Hindu family and feels that Hindu Dharma is ‘Swayambhu’ (spontaneous) and hence it cannot be destroyed. Thus, one keeps quiet over the erosion of ‘Dharma’ in the society, nor does one do ‘Dharmaacharan’ (abiding the code of conduct as per Vedic Dharma).
A Karma Hindu is one who works on removing the inferior qualities such as swabhav dosh (personality defects) and ego, as well as reins in the desires;, makes an attempt to implement quotes from scriptures in life; and makes efforts to defend Hindu Dharma,. Hinduism Dharma exists in the world today due to the good deeds of such Hindus.


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