Seekers should possess patience and preservance

I have found that few seekers have lots of impatience when they try to learn the different aspects of spirituality. One should always remember that the basic qualities that a seeker of spiritual science should possess is patience and perseverance, if one lacks in these two qualities, gaining knowledge about this vast and subtle science is next to impossible. Like other science in this subject to step-wise learning is advisable . When one imbibes what one has learnt in the first level, he or she automatically promoted to the next level of learning and if he or she possesses intense yearning to know more, the unmanifest and teaching principle of God called the guru, guides in some form or the other and the seeker moves to next level of learning. Hence the seekers who yearn for spiritual knowledge should have faith and be an ardent practitioner of this subject as only two percent of spiritual science can be understood through words rest ninety eight has to experienced through anubhuti (spiritual experience) which is possible only through the grace of Almighty or guru . -Tanuja Thakur (28.2.2104 )

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