Dhanatrayodashi: The thirteenth day of the dark fortnight of Ashvin

2-diwali-greetingsThis itself is called Dhanteras in common language. Businessmen worship their treasuries on this day. A commercial year comprises of the period between one Diwali and another. New account books are begun on only this day.

Dhanvantari jayanti

According to the Ayurveda it is the birthday of the deity Dhanvantari, so on this day Ayurvedic doctors (vaidyas) worship Him. They make an offering (prasad) of small pieces of neem leaves and sugar to visitors. This is of great significance as the neem fruit has originated from divine nectar (amrut) and Dhanvantari is the deity bestowing immortality. If one chews five to six neem leaves everyday then there is no chance of suffering from any malady. Such is its importance. It is for this very reason that it is distributed as a sacrament (prasad) of Dhanvantari.


God Yama (Yamaraj) is alloted the task of abducting one’s life (pran). None has escaped or will escape death, according to time. However to prevent untimely death, on Dhanatrayodashi thirteen lamps made of wheat flour should be placed lit with oil, outside the house, facing southwards, in the evening. A lamp is never kept facing southwards except on this day.

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