Definition of Pundit


Essence of Gita:
यस्य सर्वे समारम्भाः कामसंकल्पवर्जिताः ।
ज्ञानाग्निदग्धकर्माणं तमाहुः पंडितं बुधाः ॥ श्रीमद भगवादगीता – (२:१९ )

(Yasy sarve samaarambhah kamsankalpvarjitah ।
Gnyanagnidagdhkarmaanam tamahuh panditam budhah ॥)

– Shreemad Bhagvad Gita – (2:18)

Meaning: One whose all actions are perfomed as per scriptures but without any desire or resolve, and whose deeds have been burnt in the Agni, (Fire) of Absolute Knowledge such a Mahapurush (the Great One) is also referred to as Pundit by the Knowledgeable Ones.

Interpretation: One whose all actions resemble the Karmic deeds approved by the scriptures, and whose Karmas dissipate in the Agni of knowledge, such a person is called a Pundit even by the most knowledgeable people.
It means every action should be in conformity with the scriptures, otherwise according to the principle of Karmic destiny, the result of good deeds manifests in the form of Punya (accrued good Karma) and the bad deeds in the form of Paap (evil Karmic accrual). All the resultant fruits of action are burnt in the Agni of knowledge, when the one does the Karma (action) without Kartapan (a sense of doership), that is, when one offers the credit of doing the act to the God, or to the Guru (Master). The Karma of such a Karmayogi are Akarma Karma (the action which does not result in either a positive or negative accrual). This is attainable after having achieved a spiritual level of 80%. Below this level, when a Sadhak (Seeker) makes an attempt to offer the sense of doership, it is done only at a mental level and the fruits of such actions have to be undergone. Hence, a seeker must perform every deed with alacrity. Every mistake enhances the Paap Karma (bad deeds) and Sanchit Karma. The Satpurush (Noble ones) who do not have to bear the fruits of their actions, are referred to as Pundit by the knowledgeable ones.

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