Clean chit to Col Purohit by Army’s Court of Inquiry- by Pramod Kumar

The reported clean chit to Lt Col Srikant Purohit, an accused in 2008 Malegaon blast, by Army’s Court of Inquiry (CoI) has exposed a deep-rooted conspiracy against Bharat, Hindus and the patriotic people of the country. The whole exercise allegedly conducted on instructions of a section of Congress leaders and some ministers in the UPA government to prove ‘safforn terror’ a reality and also to falsely implicate some Hindu saints and patriotic people in terror activities, now stands exposed.

The clean chit proves beyond any doubt that the Hindu saints including Sadhvi Pragya, Swami Aseemanand and others, who were put in jails alleging their hands in some bomb blasts including the Samjhauta Express train blast, are innocent and they have falsely been implicated in all these cases. No investigative agency from Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to Anti Terror Squad (ATS) and now the National Investigative Agency (NIA) could gather any evidence against them. This is the reason no chargesheet could be filed against them even after more than years of their arrest.

This clean chit to Purohit also puts a question mark over the hurried release of all Muslim accused, suspected to be SIMI, HuJI and LeT operatives, arrested for Malegaon blasts. These accused were released by Congress government before recent assembly elections in five states. Now after the new facts surfacing the release of the Muslim accused proves that the whole exercise was carried out in a very calculated manner aiming at Muslim votes and to defame the Hindus.

According to reports, the army completed the Col under a Brigadier-level officer and submitted its findings to the Southern Command headquarters. None of the 60 witnesses who deposed before the CoI, reported to have corroborated the charge of Purohit being a terrorist. The CoI had begun on April 7, 2009 and first concluded on September 1, 2010 after recording the statements of all the witnesses and recommended his dismissal from service. However, after Col Purohit went in appeal against it in the Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT), the services court asked the inquiry to be reconvened after finding that certain witnesses were not allowed to be cross-examined by the accused officer as per the Army laws.

The Army’s CoI has revealed some very disturbing facts, which make every senseless and patriotic person restless. It reportedly said Col Purohit had ‘infiltrated’ Abhinav Bharat to ‘collect information on right-wing extremism’, as Purohit was in military intelligence at that time. Col Purohit also told a newsmagazine that he ‘infiltrated’ Abhinav Bharat and kept his bosses in the loop informed of his activities. “I infiltrated Abhinav Bharat. I have done my job properly, have kept my bosses in the loop informed and everything is on paper in the army records. Those who need to know, know the truth,” he told the magazine. In his plea before the AFT, Purohit had also reportedly stated that he was given “extreme inhuman treatment” during the interrogation.

The development takes the wind out of NIA’s sails as the agency is already struggling for material evidence against Purohit and others after taking over the case from Maharashtra ATS last year and has been locked in a court battle, as yet unsuccessful, to get Purohit’s custody. Grilled from all corners the NIA has now started a campaign to prove that Purohit had no orders from the Army to infiltrate and that he has not been given a clean chit. But there is no official word from the Army so far.

It is to be noted that in September 2008, a bomb exploded on a Friday evening near a mosque in Malegaon, killing six people. One month later, the Anti Terror Squad (ATS) of Maharashtra claimed that a group of Hindu radicals was to blame for the blast. Col Purohit, who was posted in Pachmarhi in Madhya Pradesh, was accused and arrested. The Army also, without conducting an immediate court of inquiry, handed him over to the ATS. Now, more than 50 army personnel testified that the Army may have wrongly handed over Purohit to the ATS without conducting its own investigation. Many said he was actually an ‘infiltrator’ and not a ‘conspirator’ who had been assigned to collect evidence and details of right-wing terror groups.

The word ‘infiltrator’ raises some very disturbing questions. If Col Purohit was operating on behalf of the military, on whose instructions the army conducted this operation? If anybody sitting in the establishment had doubt that some Hindu radicals were involved in terror activities the evidences could have been gathered through Intelligence Bureau (IB), which normally carries out such operations. Why was the army used for this operation? It is perhaps for the first time that the army has been misused to falsely implicate innocent people in any terror activity. Col Purohit’s claim that he kept his bosses informed of the facts raises further question as to who were those bosses and on whose instructions or directions were they acting? Were they Indians or foreigners? Were they political or non-political? If political, was he Home Minister, Defence Minister or anybody else? What was their real objective? Why such an important government agency was misused against the own patriotic countrymen? Who were assisting Purohit in this operation, etc?

By and large this trial exposed a big conspiracy against Bharat, the Hindus and patriotic people. But the culprits of this conspiracy are still to be exposed and punished. The nation must know the names of all those conspirators. There are many more serious dimensions of this conspiracy, which need to be exposed.

There is one more question which needs answer as well as introspection. Has the local political rivalry in India become an instrument in the hands of anti-India foreign forces? One of the biggest damages that this conspiracy has done at international level against India is that Pakistan now dominates India on the question of terrorism. The SIMI, HuJI, Let, ISI and Pakistan aided and abetted terror was suddenly made ‘saffron terror’ and the entire focus of the fight against terrorism changed. It puts India itself in defensive. The Army probe puts the UPA government also in the dock. If Col Purohit is not guilty in the Malegaon blast case, then neither Sadhvi Pragya nor Swami Aseemanand are guilty. Should they not be released without wasting time? The failure of NIA in filing chargesheet against them for four years is itself sufficient ground to prove them innocent.

Commenting on the new developments, senior Supreme Court lawyer Shri Bhupender Yadav says that the investigative agencies are not acting transparently. “We do not support any kind of violence. But we feel that there is a calculated move to falsely implicate some innocent people in the terrorist activities for which the ISI and Pakistan supported terrorist organisations have been held responsible even in the UNO. All our investigative agencies are needed to function transparently and responsibly in such cases,” Shri Yadav told Organiser in New Delhi.

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