Why one should not watch Ghost films or serials

Question :

I read on your article that one should not watch ghost films, or serials, on television, this makes the Vaastu of the house impure; but even if one does not feel scared, should one still not watch them?- Ritesh Sharma


Ghost films, or serials emit subtle Tam predominant vibrations, hence even if you do not feel scared, even then the vibrations upon seeing them has sublte negative influence on you and gradually, these vibrations create a black veil around your mind and intellect and also increases the flow of black energy in the Vaastu, consequently problems like discord and tribulation in the house, abortions, sleeplessness, laziness, physical pain, economic losses etc start occurring easily.  Thus, understand like this that watching such programmes, means extending an open invitation to negative energies to come to your house and create problems.  The artists of today’s cine world are ignorant of such points in spirituality, spread Adharma (sin) by making films and serials, when they dramatise such issues, several untoward incidents take place with them too, with several artists, at times, while playing the part of a character  gets overpowered by a ghost,  negative energies really enter inside them and they pass on under their control, but for Kaliyugi beings earning money is their primary Dharma, whatever they are not aware of what they are doing, what damage they are causing to the society; for them ‘money is Karma (action) and money alone is Dharma’.  We can merely tell you about the science, whether or not to practice it, is your wish.

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