Why do I feel sleepy during chanting ?

“My Guru is Asaramji Bapu.  I chant the Guru Mantra given during a mass initiation.  My question is that during the first five malas (rounds of rosary), I start yawning, but after that I can chant energetically, and then after the 10th mala, I again start feeling sleepy and again after one or two malas, I chant  energetically. This happens every day.  I want to know why I  have both, the Anubhuti( spiritual experience) of feeling sleepy and energetic, during chanting.” – Anju Chettiyar, Mumbai akash mudra

Answer: You suffer from problems posed by negative energies. Today, ninety percent of good seekers are being troubled by negative energies. While chanting, a kind of battle takes place and for this reason, you feel sleepy at times and then energetic. When negative energies overpower you, you feel sleepy and when you overpower them, you feel energetic.  Increase your chanting and do the salt-water treatment regularly. Attend Satsang regularly, read books written by saints and contribute your might in Guru Karya(mission of your Guru). Also do the Akash mudra with your left hand during chanting.  – Tanuja Thakur

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