How to prevent distraction while praying


Question :

Hello Tanuja Didi,
This is Snehal, I’m from Sacramento,California.. Didi,I’m on your fb page. I need some light from you to avoid distraction,while praying.

Dear Snehal,
To prevent distraction while praying u need to try the following points
1. sprinkle cow’s urine in the entire premise in the morning and evening, it will purify the premise and will help you in concentration !
2. Before praying make a kavach (protective sheath) around u . Pray in this way ” He prabhu (O God), please make a protective a Armour through your weapons around me so that I can concentrate while doing my spiritual practice .”
3. Also do salt water treatment , it will cleanse your aura around your mental and intellectual sheath.
4. Also chant a lot it will help u concentrate during spiritual practice .
give me the feedback if u don’t find improvement !
with loads of love and good wishes


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