Inspiring Stories

Inspiring stories :Three robbers

  Once, a man was going through a forest, when three robbers fell upon him and robbed him of all his possessions. One of the robbers said, “What’s the use of keeping this man alive?” So saying, he was about to kill him with his sword, when the second robber interrupted him, saying: ‘Oh, no! […]

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Spiritual emotion (bhaav) of Sisters on the day of Raksha-Bandhan

Every sister should keep spiritual emotion (bhaav) on the day of Raksha-Bandhan such as Draupadi had for Shreekrushna! **Rakhi Special Story!! –Importance of Priti ** Subhadra was God Krishna’s younger sister. Although God Krishna loved her, Draupadi, who was His step-sister, was His favourite. One day, Subhadra asked God Krishna, “I am your real sister while […]

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One should not imitate the external behaviour of saints

Due to lack of knowledge of spiritual science, some seekers, taking the basis of their Guru, or a saint, imitate their external behaviour, but doing so is improper. The minds of saints are one with the God. Thus, their outward appearance does not influence their Sadhana. In the year 2003, some of us were in […]

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  One who is ready to undergo sufferings for the welfare of the society, only such a person realises his or her objective and becomes successful. Pleased with Swami Vivekananda’s Gurubhakti (devotion towards the Guru) and Sadhana,  his Guru, Swami Ramkrushna Paramhans showered on Him the blessing for propagating Sanatan Dharma throughout the world; but […]

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Saint Narhari Maharaj

  Narahari was born into a family of ‘goldsmiths’. He was a pious man .He was doing his family business with utmost sincerity, devotion and honesty. He was an ardent devotee of God shiva “MALLIKA ARJUNA”whose temple is situated on the mahadwar of Vitthal Rukmani temple in Pandharpur. He firmly held God Shiva in his […]

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