Spiritual emotion (bhaav) of Sisters on the day of Raksha-Bandhan


Every sister should keep spiritual emotion (bhaav) on the day of Raksha-Bandhan such as Draupadi had for Shreekrushna!

**Rakhi Special Story!! –Importance of Priti **

Subhadra was God Krishna’s younger sister. Although God Krishna loved her, Draupadi, who was His step-sister, was His favourite. One day, Subhadra asked God Krishna, “I am your real sister while Draupadi is your step-sister, then why do you love her more than me?” God Krishna smiled and said, “You will soon know the answer.”
A few days later, God Krishna cut His finger and it started bleeding. He rushed to Subhadra and asked her to wrap a piece of cloth around His finger to stop the bleeding. Subhadra rushed to her wardrobe and started looking for an inexpensive garment, to tear for bandaging the wound. Meanwhile, Draupadi happened to visit Subhadra. When she saw God Krishna’s bleeding finger, she instantly tore a strip off the expensive silk garment that she was wearing and wrapped it around His finger. Soon the bleeding stopped.
Upon witnessing the behaviour of Draupadi, who sacrificed her rich garment without blinking, Subhadra realised what pure love and devotion is. She felt ashamed that she loved her rich clothes more than The God and had received the answer to her question.

*Moral: In order to staunch the blood flowing from a wound on Sree Krushna’s finger, Draupadi tore one side of her saree and tied it as a bandage on Sree Krushna’s finger. A sister cannot bear any kind of trouble or discomfort to her brother. She can do anything to relieve her brother from his difficulties. Every sister should keep such spiritual emotion (bhaav) on the day of Rakshaa Bandhan while tying the raakhi.*

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