Bhojan Mantra – Recite before having meal

phal prasadam
Before having the meal one should close their eyes and with folded hands, should do the following prayers and then have the meal, by doing this the meal become prasad and this not only nourishes the physical body but is also helpfull spiritually :
हर्रि दाता हर्रि भोक्ता हर्रि अन्नं प्रजापति |
हर्रि: सर्व शरीरस्थो भोक्ते भुज्यते हरी: ||
Harir Data Harir Bhokta Harirannam Prajapati |
Harir Vipraha Sarirastu Bhunkte Bhojayate Hari ||
ॐ प्रणाय स्वाह: Om Praanaaya Swaha
ॐ अपानाय स्वाह: Om Apaanaaya Swaha
ॐ व्यानाय स्वाह: Om Vyaanaaya Swaahaa
ॐ उदानाय स्वाह: Om Udaanaaya Swaha
ॐ समानाय स्वाह: Om Samaanaaya Swaha

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