Beware seekers, the effect of ‘Kali’ (negativity) is at its pinnacle

Questions pertaining to negative energies and spiritual solutions

      One seeker has sent me a letter about the resolve and alternatives that keep occurring in his mind about Sadhana.  This seeker’s Bhav (spiritual emotion) is extremely good and the spiritual level is more than 50%.

Despite being at such a good level, through this letter one comes to know how negative energies can mislead the mind of an evolved seeker too and in the letter I have offered some viewpoints on Sadhana from which you too can learn something.  Please do not get stuck with who the seeker is, where he lives etc and be introvert, read the letter.


Reverential bows at your lotus feet!

For the last three years, I have been able to maintain continuity in Sadhana.  All this is due to your grace alone.  It is my prayer to you that may you continue to shower this grace. I came to Kolkata an year ago, everything is fine till now, but for the last one month, I have been in extreme tribulation. – A seeker

For maintaining continuity in the efforts below 60% level spiritual level, attending the Satsang(holy company of seekers and saints) regularly is a must .  Till the time, you were directly in contact with me, you kept getting Satsang; hence continuity in Sadhana was maintained.  A metropolitan city like Kolkata as it is, is a Tamasic (spiritually impure) one, so your experiencing problems is natural.  One more thing has come to notice during a subtle analysis that you have fixed an extremely high target for spiritual progress within a fixed time-frame.  For this reason, you are experiencing problems caused by negative energies as they have come to know of your subtle plans.  When we stand still, we do not have to experience the force of air so much, but when we want to run, the resistance by the air increases; hence, pray to God that He should allow spiritual progress to take place the pace at which He expects, otherwise, your momentum can be completely stopped by negative energies, for times are adverse and during the present times, the biggest Sadhana is to stay connected unto the Almighty’s feet. – Tanuja Thakur

* Earlier, negative energies used to create physical problems, but those  problems used to get resolved by practising spiritual remedies,; but this time I get mental imbalance and I try to analyse it too; but I am not able to find the way out and I am  in extreme tribulation. Let me tell you some main points regarding this:

  • This time when you called me to Aligarh, I do not know why I did not feel like going.   I was able to understand that negative energies are putting such thoughts into my mind, but negative thoughts kept dominating my mind.

– Seeker

Conflict between mind and intellect does take place till the time complete dissolution of mind takes place.  A seeker is like a warrior, He defeats the mind through the intellect each and every moment, I expect the same from you.  If any improper thought comes to your mind, even then you must do what is deemed proper by the intellect and if you are able to achieve this, then,  you can call yourself  a Kshatraveer (brave warrior) and I expect you to become a Kshatraveer.  Carry out a subtle war  against the negative energies in order to defeat negative thoughts.

–  Tanuja Thakur


  • When you come to Kolkata, I do not know what happens to me, but I do not feel like going to you, whereas I know that when I go to you, spiritual healing will occur upon me, but still I do not feel like going.

– Seeker

  • Do you feel that with a 50% Pranshakti (vital force), it is simple for me to undertake a journey throughout India – no!  But I know that several seekers like you want to meet me, or their respective  Guru; want to go to the portals of the one they worship, but the predominance of negative energies has increased so much that despite possessing a desire, they are not able to do so.  Negative energies dominate them to such an extent that some seekers disgrace me and turn me out of their house; that is why I roam around everywhere, so that seekers like you can do Sadhana and protection from negative energies can be secured,  and spiritual progress can take place as well.  There is no cause for remorse, as all this is due to the preponderance of the age of Kali.

Just four days back, a seeker had come to drop me off in his vehicle from Begusarai to Godda (about 225 kilometres) and his vehicle developed some snag on the way.   It took about two-and-a-half hours to get the vehicle repaired at Godda and he was to pass through the same area of the village where I live, en-route his maternal grandmother’s place.  He had to just come in for one kilometre inside the village and He could have had a Darshan of Kali Maa.  For the whole journey, he was eager to have Maa’s Darshan; but negative energies overpowered him to such an extent that he kept making repeated entreaties to me that he would get delayed in reaching his destination; hence, he said, ‘I will not be able to come this time.’  From this alone, just think how adverse times have become!

One seeker had been inviting me to Mumbai and the day I was to go to his home, he was not coming to pick me up from the house of a seeker where I was residing.  After he was contacted over the telephone, he came to receive me half-heartedly and when I reached his house in the evening, he confessed with tears in his eyes that he did not feel like coming to take me to his house and that he was thinking why does Didi want to come to my house, whereas  he felt that he  knew that my presence at his residence would benefit him a lot.  This was being said by a seeker, who had been waiting for my arrival for the last two months!  Hence, the thoughts coming to your mind are not new to me, several seekers have been getting such thoughts, even then one should try to defeat them and perform appropriate spiritual practice, and  this is Karmayog (Patho f action) .

–  Tanuja Thakur


  • This time when you called me to Delhi my mind got an extremely ugly thought, to the extent that thoughts of leaving Sadhana also came to my mind, whereas I know that the Satsang that I will get with you is divine and priceless.  There is a lot of divergence between my mind and intellect – Seeker


Times are adverse;  hence such types of thoughts keep coming, whenever you get such thoughts, stay alert and wage subtle Shastr Yuddh (subtle armed conflict).  Some seekers when told of a mistake for the first time, even contemplate leaving Sadhana altogether, then they have to be handled.  Express gratitude towards God that He is telling you how negative energies are creating problems for you and also pray to Him that during adverse times, may my discretion -rather than my mind- dominate me!  – Tanuja


  • My mind tells me that I should not say anything unnecessary, but I turn irritable when a few friends blabber and I also pick up a fight with them, whereas it should not be so. – Seeker


It is good that your mind says not to speak unnecessarily.  When friends come, provide auto-suggestion to yourself as to how I should behave with them and establish a harmony that even they do not feel bad and your mind does not feel irritated, keep doing chanting all the time while they are talking; they will themselves leave after sometime due to the vibrations emanating from you. –  Tanuja Thakur


  • Sometimes, my ego increases so much that………….                                             Seeker


Attention will have to be paid to this, sowrite down  all the symptoms of ego  on a paper and paste it on the wall of your room, keep  having a glance everyday and check which symptom is active and work towards its removal. By enhancing our ego, negative energies succeed in their task easily.  Today, they are destroying the Sadhana of  many who are above 60% spiritual level and that of several evolved ones and high-level seekers through the same means. Observe where the symptoms of ego are being reflected and provide auto-suggestion. –  Tanuja Thakur


  • I get irritated even when friends spread chaos in my room.  – Seeker


Maintaining harmony while doing Sadhana will have to be learnt. Try to convince them at times with love, and at other times watch things as a witness, while at other times, get up and arrange everything yourself !   –  Tanuja Thakur

  • If my Sadhana does not proceed well then it results in inferiority complex , due to which there is  further decline in my Sadhana. – Seeker

If Sadhana does not proceed well, increase the quantity of Naamjap and prayers. All the spiritual solutions like Vaastu Shuddhi, spiritual remedy with salt- water and spiritual healing technique pertaining to the sky principle should be done with efforts , inhale the fumes of Udbatti (incense sticks) manufactured by Sanatan Sanstha, listening to the chanting of Shree Guru Dev Dutt, make a border by writing down the chant ‘Om Namah Bhagvate Vasudevaye’ along the border of a blank piece of paper and write down the psychological problems and fold the paper and keep it near a photograph of God Krishna, and use other such solutions must be applied regularly.  And you too know all this. –  Tanuja Thakur

I get extremely disturbed  because of tensions at home. – Seeker

The problems of members of the household are according to their Prarabdh (destiny), your duty is to tell them about Sadhana.   If they do not follow it, you can only pray for their protection from negative energies.  We cannot do more than this for any person, several high-level saints have not been able to do anything for their family members, what to talk of people like you and me!  In such a situation, try to learn to make efforts to stay in the state of being a witness. Pray to God that whenever my mind will get disturbed thinking about my family members, I may be reminded of your name, and also provide auto-suggestion so that the attachment to family members decreases. Remember, the more you think about your family members, the lesser will God think about them! –  Tanuja Thakur

I am not able to even narrate how I have been feeling for the last one month.  Now even as I am penning down these issues, I have been continuously getting the thoughts of not penning them down, otherwise I will have to do Sadhana, but I do not want to quit Sadhana. Please save me.

–          Seeker

If you do not wish to quit Sadhana, how can the negative energies get you to quit Sadhana!   Remain  assured and keep making efforts, remember that God is much more powerful than negative energies and that you can progress on this path.  The blessings of His Holiness Gurudev are of course with all of us.

–  Tanuja Thakur

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