Inspiring story : Being busy is the best way to control lust. Story of a ghost


The mind is like the ghost, which is always restless. Once a Brahmin Pundit, through Mantra Siddhi, had control over a ghost. The ghost said to the Pundit, “I can do any work for you in a minute. I have supernatural powers. You must be giving me various kinds of works …. always. If you leave me even for a second without work, I will at once devour you”. The Brahmin agreed.

The ghost dug a tank for the Brahmin, ploughed the fields and did various works in a short time. The Brahmin was not able to engage the ghost in any further work. The ghost threatened him, “Now there is no work for me. I will devour you”. The Brahmin was much puzzled. He did not know what to do. He went to his Guru and explained his situation. His teacher said, “Use your common sense. Install a big, stout, soft, wooden post in front of your house. Apply castor oil, wax and other greasy substances to the post. Ask the ghost to get up the post and get down the whole day and night”. The disciple acted accordingly and controlled the ghost without any difficulty. The ghost became helpless.

Even so, you must give to the mind some kind of work or the other always: Japa, meditation, Svadhyaya, service, Kirtan, prayer and so on. You must keep it fully occupied. Then only the mind can be easily controlled. You will have no evil thoughts. You can be well established both in physical and mental Brahmacharya.

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