Beautiful Spiritual Experience (Anubhutis) of Kumari Maharani Jha

OmAnubhuti (spiritual experiences) of seekers
Let us take a look at the Anubhuti of Kumari Maharani Jha, a seeker from Godda
a) Whenever Aarati is conducted in Kaali temple in the village, whether Didi is present at the Aarati or not, a seat… and a Jhaal (musical instrument that she plays) is kept for Didi. On July 30, 2010, I was at my village. When I was performing Arati at my home, I too kept the seat and Jhaal and started singing the Aarati. Then  I felt that I was standing in the Kaali temple and Tanuja Didi was seated and playing Jhaal. Analysis:  Proceeding from the gross to the subtle is the second step of Bhaktiyoga. When a seeker performs Karma Kaand (ritualistic procedures laid down in the scriptures) along with Upasanakaand with Bhav, the seeker gets such an Anubhuti.
b) On May 1, 2010, Tanuja Didi had left a little bit of food in Vishnudham (where Didi lives).  One seeker was about to throw it, but I accepted the leftover food as Prasaad (holy partake), due to which my ear-ache got cured. Analysis:  Guru Tattva works according to the Bhav.
c) On May 28, 2010 Tanuja Didi came to our village to give a Pravachan (discourse).  I had prepared Puri (a type of Inidan delicacy that is made from wheat flour and is deep fried) and vegetable curry for her. After the Pravachan, Didi left our house without eating the food.  After this, my father asked me to consume the food. Since I was feeling sad, I did not eat the food. But at night, a piece of Poori came out of my mouth.
Analysis:  A full piece of Poori coming out from the seeker’s mouth was a Lila planned by the Almighty, so that she could understand that the Seva performed by her with Bhav has reached  the feet of the God, whether or not I have received it.  God does not accept the food overtly, but rather accepts the Bhav (spiritual emotion) present in the food. This is the lesson from this Anubhuti.
d) December 26, 2010 was the establishment day of Upasana Hindu Dharmotthan Sansthan. The organisation was established by Didi on this day.   When I saw Didi draped in a white saree at Agrasen Bhawan (the venue of the programme), I felt that Didi was none else than Maa Saraswati sitting upon a lotus flower. Such an Anubhuti was experienced by two more seekers which I came to know after two days.
Analysis: The primary objective of Upasana is to provide Dharma Shikshan (education about Dharma) and the God’s divine element gets activated according to the work and objective of the organisation.  Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge and Upasana’s aim too is to provide education. Hence, seekers had similar Anubhuti. e) On May 30, 2010, I was at my maternal grandmother’s place, meaning at Tanuja Didi’s village when I suddenly developed an ear-ache. The following day, I also had a headache, accompanied by fever and I started feeling uneasy. The pain became unbearable; it was then that I sent a seeker to call Tanuja Didi. Tanuja Didi came and kept her hand on my ear and my pain got reduced. Tanuja Didi said that if the pain recurs, just think that Tanuja Didi’s hands are on my ears. After Didi left, the pain recurred in the evening. I did as Didi had told me to do and spiritual healing began to take place on me. After that, I felt as if I was falling from my bed when Tanuja Didi caught me by the hand. But when I came out of my stupor and opened my eyes, I saw that Tanuja Didi was not present there. Analysis: This seeker suffers from problems caused by negative energies and this pain also occurs because of that.  Hence, on application of spiritual remedies, her problems got reduced. -Tanuja Thakur

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