Spiritual experiences(Anubhuti) of Shri Umesh Kumar Verma, Patna

Anubhuti (Spiritual experiences of Seekers)

“Reading spiritual books was a regular part of my daily routine, but had got discontinued for the past several months. Whenever I try to read, I felt as if someone was trying to prevent me from doing so, all the while forcing me to surf the internet (for no reason). I felt extremely troubled by all this. When I got connected to Tanuja Didi through Internet (Facebook), I started implementing her instructions outlined in the articles written by her. Within a month, I was free of that (negative) energy that was diverting me from reading spiritual books and my reading habit started all over again. – Shri Umesh Kumar Verma, Patna.

Analysis of the experience:

Shri Umesh Kumar Verma has been associated with the guru-disciple traditions of Sri Ramkrishna Paramahans and has also received Deeksha (Initiation) from there. In present times, 50% of the ordinary people (who do not do spiritual practice) and 70% of good Seekers suffer from troubles caused by sublte negative energies. The reason for this are the efforts being made by demonic forces of the subtle world to establish their empire across the world. Thus, they cause troubles to the Seekers on a selective basis by creating troubles in their worldly or spiritual life. They do this so that the Seekers may become repulsive towards Dharma, spirituality, Gods, saints and the Guru. Reading scriptures written or compiled by saints of the highest order is also a kind of Satsang and it purifies our intellect (karan deh). Thus, negative energies were trying to wean away Umesh from reading those and trying to push him towards the internet. Once a person enters the internet world, negative energies create a black veil upon his intellect, get the time of Seekers wasted and render them directionless.

Just two days ago, a news item appeared in the newspapers that almost one billion people across the world now access Facebook. Think for yourself how many out of these one billion would possess the discretion to make a positive utilization of their time, with a judicious point of view and utilize this platform constructively! All this is a Mayajaal (farce); the negative energies had conjured up a similar vicious cycle for Umesh also by getting his time wasted and rendering him directionless. But having been initiated under the graceful traditions of Sri Ramkrishna Paramhans and his Bhav (spiritual emotion) towards Swami ji being good, it showed him the proper direction. He was thus not only spared from the web of negative energies, but his problems were also resolved.
If you have read my articles on facebook, carefully in the past, you must have found issues pertaining merely to Dharma, spirituality and nation building (service of the nation). By mere reading of these articles, spiritual healing starts and the problems caused by negative energies get reduced. Mostly, I allude only to issues based on Shastras (scriptures), issues pertaining to spirituality commented by saints of the highest order, my own experiences during my spiritual practice or my memoirs with my master. Thus, there is a higher level of divine consciousness(chaitnya), and for this reason, Sadhaks get such anubhutis (spiritual experiences).
Scriptures written by saints contain chaitnya. Here, I would like to narrate a personal experience of mine. In December 1996, I had seen a banner of the Sanatan Sanstha (founded by my Shree Guru Dr. Jayant Athavale) that had information about the venue and timing of the weekly Satsang, and the caption being, “How to become a good Seeker and clarification of doubts.” I had a strong curiosity since childhood to know more about various aspects of Dharma and spirituality. Thus, the caption kindled in me a desire to attend the Satsang. However, due to continous hurdles due to unknown reasons, I could not attend the discourse for three to four months. One of my relatives, who had seen the same banner, started attending the discourse whereas I was not able to. This person neither had any abiding interest in spirituality, nor did he do Sadhna with dedication. In fact, he stopped the Sadhna after some time.
One day, he bought a book from Sanatan Sanstha and gave it to me. Being a voracious reader, I used to devour any book that I was given in order to satiate my curiosity. When I started to flip through the book at 11 pm, its topics held out an immense attraction and I was awake the entire night to finish the book. I was so enamoured by the lucid, yet accurate style of conveying spiritualism in a scientific language that I took a pledge that very moment that I would now have Darshan of the author ( my ShreeGuru, His Holiness Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale). And lo and behold!! I encountered no obstacles in attending the discourse the very next week. The reality was that subtly speaking, the negative energies did not like the idea of my attending the Satsang. Thus, they would create fresh hurdles every week and these were removed by the divine consciousness of Shree Guru’s writings and I could attend the discourse. That’s the spiritual prowess of saint’s writings !

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