Spiritual Experience of Smt. Goel, a seeker from Delhi.

Orange Light

“When I met Tanuja Didi on June 18 at Noida. I did not know that it would mark a new beginning for me. For the next 4-5 days, I kept meeting her almost daily. Everyday was an experience in itself, but then everything came to a halt. For no obvious reason, I slipped from the staircase at my residence and the doctor advised me complete bed rest.
I was waiting for the Gurupoornima Mahotsav on July 3 most eagerly, but this accident did not let me fulfil my desire. I understood that all this was due to negative energies. I kept chanting and praying for Gurupoornima. My husband went and did Seva on the day of the Mahotsav.
Reading Didi’s Guru Sansmaran (Memoirs with my Master) and posts on Facebook and the weekly newsletter, Soham, I told myself that if I happen to visit Goa, I will try to meet His Holiness Dr. Athavale (if he gives me an opportunity to meet him), but I never expressed this desire to anyone.
On the evening of Gurupoornima, when my husband returned home, he put into my hand a photograph of His Holiness Gurudev. While giving the photograph to him, Didi had told him, “She wanted to come, but could not come. Hence His Holiness Gurudev Himself wants to come to her.” Hearing what Didi had conveyed, I was left speechless and have no words to express my feelings.”

Analysis of Anubhuti: Smt. Antima Goel got associated with me and immediately started doing Seva with Bhav (spiritual emotion). Hence, negative energies that were already giving her troubles did not like it and caused an accident to create hurdles in her way. However, she gave evidence of her seekerhood and even in a state of complete bed rest, kept doing Seva for Gurupoornima, through her husband ,an also she kept chanting and praying for Gurupoornima function to happen smoothly wthout hurldes.
After Gurupoornima, when I asked God as to whom should I give the photograph of Gurudev, He suggested Antima’s name. Whatever is going on in our mind is not known to anyone, but God definitely knows it all and He surely listens to a prayer made to him fervently.

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