Spiritual Experiences of Shri Manish Sehgal from Agra


“I used to keep reading in the Anubhutis of seekers that Tanuja Didi can read the thoughts in our mind; or when she feels that one is remembering her fervently either her presence becomes imperative or she contacts us over the phone by herself. On June 1, 2012, I too underwent this experience. I always used to celebrate my birthday according to the English calendar, after reading Didi’s articles on Facebook, this year, I celebrated my birthday according to Hindi tithi(date) and I was just thinking that I should send an SMS to Didi that for the first time, I have celebrated my birthday according to the Hindi tithi and Indian culture. As soon as this thought crossed my mind, Didi contacted me over the cell phone and I was surprised ! Had Didi learnt about my internal desire? I was feeling really blissful, as if I had received a precious gift without asking for it on the auspicious day. Let me tell one thing that Didi calls me up once in two months meaning that it is not that Didi keeps calling me up. I express my gratitude to Didi and pray that may she continue to shower her affection and blessings upon all of us.

Analysis of Anubhuti: Anubhuti is that, which inculcates, or enhances a seeker’s faith on the Guru (Master), God and spiritual science. The type of Anubhuti that will provide Gati (momentum) to his/her Sadhana (spiritual practice) of a seeker, God grants the seeker only that kind of Anubhuti. In the third edition of Soham, I had mentioned a speciality of Manish, that whatever he reads in my articles, he tries to implement it. This is what is known as seekerhood. Just as the mouth gets sweetened on eating jaggery (Gurh), similarly performing Dharmacharan (abiding the code of conduct as per Vedic Dharma), the Grace of Guru (Master) and God is easily appeased and if need be, also grant us Anubhuti accordingly.

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