Spiritual Experiences (Anubhuti) of Seekers


Anubhutis (spiritual experiences) of seekers

Today, we will take a look at the Anubhutis of Shri Muktesh Singh Manhar from Karnavati (Ahmedabad) India.

(i) “I came to know about you (Tanuja ) through Facebook and started reading your posts.  I have been associated with several spiritual personalities. However, the information contained in your articles is unique and amazing.  I began making efforts to invite you to Karnavati after understanding your efforts towards Dharmjagruti (spreading awareness about Dharma), but I don’t know why my efforts went in vain.  Finally, when I learnt that you are arriving in Karnavati, I left all my work to meet you.

I live all by myself here as my family lives elsewhere in Gujarat. I do not roam around with friends; but  go around at times and also used to eat in hotels. Since I first met you and after talking to you, a change has come about in my thoughts and nature. Since that day, I have taken a resolve not to consume non-vegetarian food (which I used to eat rarely). Food cooked in most places outside, particularly in hotels, is Tamasic (spiritually impure). After I learnt this from your discourse, I have started cooking myself at home.”

Analysis of Anubhuti: Due to troubles by negative energies, some seekers like to eat non-vegetarian food. By attending the discourse of a spiritually evolved, spiritual healing takes place automatically  and the negative energy that causes  troubles and satiates its own desires, either gets destroyed due to the energy of the discourse, or they attain Gati (momentum after life).  Muktesh is basically a sattvik natured seeker  and due to the troubles caused by negative energies, he felt like eating non-vegetarian food at times.  Upon  attending the discourse, spiritual healing was done on him and he stopped eating non-vegetarian food. Implementing the issues told in a discourse is called seeker-hood. Food from hotels is primarily Raj-Tam (spiritually impure) oriented.  His realisation, and making an effort to cook his own food since he stays alone is a sign of seeker-hood.  Other young seekers, who live alone, must learn from him.-Tanuja Thakur

(ii) “By February-March, I had become a regular reader of your posts and used to share this knowledge with other family members.  My younger  brother’s examinations were just round the corner and as per your advice on facebook, I asked him to chant this Mantra “सरस्वती नमस्तुभ्यं वरदे कामरूपिणी विद्यारम्भ करिष्यामि सिद्धिर्भवतु मे सदा” ॥ (Saraswati namastubhyam varade kamaroopini, vidyarambham karishyami siddhirbhavatu mey sada) along with a prayer. He started doing it and his interest, attention in studies and concentration began to increase, which surprised the entire family.”

Analysis of Anubhuti: As I have told earlier, during the present times, 50% of the ordinary people and 70% seekers are experiencing troubles caused by negative energies. The members of Muktesh’s family too are seekers. Hence, all of them are facing problems caused by negative energies. Negative energies cause disturbance in studies. By praying to Mother Saraswati, Her Grace was shifted to his brother and his concentration improved.  Sanskrut shlokas (couplets) too have the ability to do spiritual healing and their recitation removes the black veil surrounding our mind and intellect. Tanuja Thakur

(iii) “On May 22, 2012, during a conversation with  Didi , she told me to display  her photo with a particular hand mudra in my mother’s room .  I went home on May 26 and after placing Didi’s picture in the room, I found that the environment in our home had started improving from that day onwards. The same evening, we could perform the Atmashanti (peace for the departed soul) ceremony for our Buaji (paternal aunt), which we had not been able to conduct for quite some time!”

Analysis of Anubhuti: His mother too suffers from troubles caused by negative energies.  Hence, I had asked him to look at the Mudra and do spiritual healing. The divine consciousness projected by the Mudra and the Bhav (spiritual emotion) of all the family members brought about a change in the house  although I have met Muktesh and his father merely once. -Tanuja Thakur


(iv) “This incident happened on May 27, 2012. My father told  me over the phone how Didi came in his dream and explained how to attain  Siddhis (supernatural powers). The entire next day, my father could smell some fragrance of chandan or jasemine  everywhere.  Cow’s urine is sprinkled in my house every day. But still the fragrance could be felt by  him  even  in the middle of work in office, in the market;  near the temple, while reading religious scripture for the entire day.   My father felt that the fragrance was perhaps emanating due to the sprinkling of essence-water but even after washing the hands, the fragrance  would still be there.  Strangely, my mother could not feel the smell of the same essence.”

Analysis of Anubhuti: I do not possess any Siddhis (supernatural powers) and neither have I ever tried to attain any. Nor do I have any desire to possess them ever. If my Shree Guru ever granted me some Siddhi for work pertaining to Dharma, he never told me so. The  seekers get such  Anubhutis, which can enhance their  faith on Guru Tattwa (Guru principle).  The fragrance that his father could smell was a Tarak (benevolent) smell and this kind of Anubhuti is connected to the Prithvi Tattwa (Earth element). -Tanuja Thakur

Now, we will take a look at the Anubhuti of Shri Manish Sehgal from Agra.

“I used to keep reading in the Anubhutis of seekers that Tanuja Didi can read the thoughts in our mind; or when she feels that one is remembering her fervently;  either her presence becomes imperative, or she contacts us over the phone by herself.  On June 1, 2012,  I too underwent this experience.  I always used to celebrate my birthday according to the  English calendar, after reading Didi’s articles on Facebook, this year, I celebrated my birthday according to Hindi tithi(date) and I was just thinking that I should send an SMS to Didi that for the first time, I have celebrated my birthday according to the Hindi tithi  and Indian culture.  As soon as this thought crossed my mind, Didi contacted me over the cell phone and I was surprised ! Had Didi learnt about my internal desire?  I was feeling really blissful, as if I had received a precious gift without asking for it on the auspicious day.  Let me tell one thing that Didi  calls me up once in two months meaning that it is not that Didi keeps calling me up frequently.  I express my gratitude to Didi and pray that may she continue to shower her affection and blessings upon all of us.

Analysis of Anubhuti: Anubhuti is that, which inculcates, or enhances a seeker’s faith on the Guru (Master), God and spiritual science.  The type of Anubhuti that will provide Gati (momentum) to his/her Sadhana (spiritual practice) of a seeker, God grants the seeker only that kind of Anubhuti.  In the third edition of Soham, I had mentioned a speciality of Manish, that whatever he reads in my articles, he tries to implement it.  This is what is known as seeker-hood.  Just as the mouth gets sweetened on eating jaggery (Gurh), similarly performing Dharmacharan (abiding the code of conduct as per Vedic Dharma), the Grace of Guru (Master) and God is easily appeased and if need be, also grant us Anubhuti accordingly.-Tanuja Thakur

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