Advantages of practising Spirituality

Move towards the basic purpose of life: By practising Spirituality a person gains access to Soul knowledge and experiences Bliss and moves towards the basic purpose of life.

The acquisition of real knowledge: According to spiritual science acquiring real knowledge means going beyond the word ‘Research’, searching for the eternal divine universe and understan…ding the eternal universal thought therein. Acquiring knowledge means understanding the universe, which is beyond the mind and intellect and is devoid of ‘i’ ness or ego. This understanding which is full of divinity purifies the intellect. Once the ‘i-ness’ dissolves, the being experiences inner Bliss. The Truth about the eternity of life dawns and this is known as ‘Realisation of the Truth’.

Overcoming problems in life: By practising Spirituality we are able to overcome problems in life where the root cause is spiritual in nature. Up to 80% of our problems in life have a spiritual root cause. No amount of modern research can shield us from the pain that we need to undergo due to destiny. The only thing that can help us is spiritual practice.

Ability to conduct spiritual research: After one practices Spirituality one’s sixth sense begins to grow. As one becomes spiritually evolved one gains uninterrupted access to the Universal Mind and Intellect and is therefore able to conduct spiritual research. Spiritual research unlike modern research takes into account the physical, psychological and spiritual realms.

The spiritually evolved: People who are spiritually evolved live very simple lives without the benefits and inventions of modern research and yet they experience Bliss as a result of their spiritual practice.

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