The principle facts of Sadhana of Tejopasana (the spiritual practice of fire element) :

omThe principle facts of Sadhana of Tejopasana (the spiritual practice of fire element) :

Om is a symbol of the unmanifest BrahmaOm is the most powerfull Mantra in the universe; the entire universe and even the Vedas were created out of  it ; hence, there cannot be any other Mantra as potent as this.
If one does not possess the spiritual capability and chant it continously or  if one prefixes it to a chant, then he or she can experience troubles.  Like Paracetamol is a medicine to drive away fever; but if a one-year-old child is given a 500-mg potency tablet, it could spell disaster, similarly if the Mantra is not as per the spiritual capacity, it spells a spiritual disaster and the impact is felt on the gross body, mind or intellect of that seeker.  There are about 2% of people in society, who can have problems if they chant Om.  Whether we fall into the category of 2% people, only saints can tell us; hence, as far as possible, we must not chant Om or Gayatri Mantra or Mahamrutunjay Mantra or  Navarna mantra(Om Aim Hreem Kleem Chamundaye Vichche ) etc, as they are related to Tejtattva (fire element). Chanting such Mantras increases the energy in our subtle body and at times, Suryva Naadi gets activated automatically.  If this happens and we are not able to endure that energy or channelise that energy and if we do not have a Guru in our life then it becomes very difficult to channelise the activated energy, in such a case we can undergo physical and mental problems like, sleeplessness, excessive anger, profuse sweating, mental instability, women developing problems pertaining to reproductive organs and it can result in  miscarriage, various problems during menstrual periods, etc.

If Guru has given the chant of Om or any other mantra pertaining to fire elemnet, we can do its chanting, for the resolve of the Guru imparts us the strength to endure the chant and the guru adives us seeing our spiriutal capability.  If one suffers from problems caused by negative energies and the attacks of the negative energy causing the problem is intense, even then Om can be prefixed to a Mantra or a deity’s chant for a specific period and stop the prefix of Om once the problems get reduced.

Those who wear a Janeoo or yadnyopavit (sacred thread), meaning those for whom Upanayan sanskar or sacred thread ceremony has been performed, can chant Gayatri Mantra, but they should not eat non-vegetarian food; along with that Dwija (twice-born) Sanskars must be adhered to strictly and regular Sandhya must be performed.  This helps in channellising the energy produced through the chanting of Gayatri Mantra.

In curent time, Om, Gayatri Mantra, Mahamrutunjay, Navaarnav etc, chants connected to fire element, are being chanted as per one’s own mind, if it is done for 15 minutes, it does not result in any particular ill-effect, but if one does not possess the spiritual ability and yet tries to chant these mantras continously, it can definitely result in problems.

Those seekers above 50% spiritual level can perform Sadhana of  Tej tattva.  Those below 50% level, must prefix Shree to the chant, or start their spiritual journey by doing Sadhana of Pruthvi (earth element).

I will cite a few examples in this regard.

In the year 1999, I went to the house of a doctor in Dhanbad city in Jharkhand (then in Bihar).  After talking to him, I felt that his Surya Naadi had become activated and as a result, mental instability had overcome him.  While talking, he used to say Hari Om all the time and he used to sweat profusely and was very restless all the time .  He said that he chanted Hari Om as per his own wish, for he felt that as he was a Brahman and also spiritual, hence he must chant this best Mantra.  The reality was that his spiritual level was only 45%; hence due to the energy generated out of Tejopasana(fire element) , he used to remain mentally instable and he used to be excessively angry.  When I told him about Sadhana of Kuladevi, his mental stability increased and he also started experiencing bliss.  However, after I left that city, he again started doing Sadhana as per his own intellect and already, at an age of 45 years, he had got two heart attacks and after some years, he got a third heart attack and he passed away.  The increased spiritual energy in his body was also responsible for three heart attacks at such a young age.  This doctor had brought about this bad condition upon himself due to doing Sadhana as per his own intlellect.

In December 2008, a insane person came to my house in our native village in Jharkhand to seek alms.  Looking at him, one got the impression that he belonged to a decent family and was educated too.  When I carried out a subtle analysis, I came to know that because of doing unqualified Sadhana and doing Sadhana as per his own wish, his sublte Chakras (cycles) had been acitivated  and that energy not being channelised properly and he lost his mental balance.  When I asked around  in the village about him, people told him that he was a Karmanishtha Brahmin (in deed) and he was a teacher by profession and also a bright seeker.  Remember one thing that just because one is a Brahmnn by birth, cannot be taken to mean that his spiritual level would be above 50%.  This person too was at a spiritual level of 45% and he started doing Sadhana of  60% spiritual level as per his own wish, with the result that during release of energy, his the energy in the Sushumna Naadi could not flow in the proper direction and he became mentally instable forever.  That is why, a seeker should completely avoid doing Sadhana as per one’s own wish and must perform Sadhana under the guidance of a qualified spiritualist, or else do Sadhana as per the science of spirituality.

I will cite another instance.  In one sect, without knowing the spiritual level of the people, everyone is asked to chant Gayatri Mantra.  During the Seva of Dharma Prasaar, I was introduced to several seekers from this sect and found that several seekers, who used to chant Gayatri Mantra lakhs of times genuinely, suffer from several types of problems that were spiritual in nature and basically due to increase in energy which they were not able to bear.

Gayatri Mantra is Tejopasana (worship of energy) and this Mantra is suitable only if it is chanted along with Karmakand (ritualistic procedures laid down in the scriptures); meaning those who chant this Mantra must perform Havan-Hom and follow all the rules for this chanting as laid down in the scriptures.  The spiritualist who propagated this Mantra also taught the process of performing with karmakand, but not being Sattvik (pure) people today perform only as much of it as they find easy to do and consequently, have to bear the ill-effects.
Let me recount another experience in this context.  I met a seeker from this sect in Sultanpur district of Uttar Pradesh, who was looking after a centre of that organisation. He told me, “I have been chanting Gayatri for so many years, but one problem has been bothering me for long now and that is, I am unable to sleep.  The fire element in his body had increased and as a result of that, he was suffering from sleeplessness.  I asked him to do an experiment.   I told him, “You stop doing Sadhana of Gayatri for a few days and start chanting the name of your Kuladevta and  Dattatreya’s chant and see how you feel.”  When I met him after one month, there were tears of gratitude in his eyes.  He said, “I can never forget in my lifetime the favour you have done to me, for nights used to be like a demon for me and I had started getting afraid of nights.  I used to stay awake the entire night and like an insane used to keep staring at the stars and was really saddened.  Ever since you have asked me to change the chant, I am able to sleep peacefully at nights, you have performed a miracle.”  Actually, I had not performed any miracle; his spiritual level was 40% and he was performing Sadhana of  60% level, hence the energy being generated from his Sadhana was the primary reason for his problems.

If the subtle energy in the body gets increased, it should be channelized in a proper direction for spiritual progress, or it finds its own ways for depletion.  Please remember, getting angry, having pain, sleeplessness, etc,  are simple means of expending energy.

Women must avoid doing Tejopasana as per their own wish

One woman used to chant Gayatri mantra as per her own wish, she suffered from problems in her menstrual periods and she used to get excessively angry.  She expressed this problem during the session on resolution of problems during a Satsang.

Some educated women oppose the fact that our ancient scriptures have made a distinction between man and woman and that women have been prevented from chanting Om and Gayatri Mantra.  The truth is that during the Vedic period, Upanayan sanskar were done on them, they had the right to read Vedas. With the passage of time, Dharma deteriorated and the Sadhana of common people declined, hence women and Shudras (meaning those whose intellectual and spiritual levels were comparatively low) have not been allowed to perform Tejopasana.  While laying down such rules, our spiritualists framed rules that took into account the well being of those at a lower spiritual level, but in the absence of Dharmashikshan(education of Dharma), some so-called intellectuals misinterpreted the rules and go about maligning our religious scriptures and saints .  I am a woman and during my spiritual journey, I have never found a saint in any way discriminating against me, while telling me about Sadhana, just because I happen to be a woman.

Once, upon my Guru’s orders, I had gone to the Ashrama (hermitage) of His Holiness Parulekar Maharaj (a saint who is blind) to perform Shraddha rituals for the resolution of Pitru Dosh and for some reason my elder brother was unable to come, but my younger brother was present there and I told the saint that my elder brother couldn’t come but younger brother had come; smiling, he asked me, to perform the rituals.  This made me understand that in spirituality, saints never discriminate between a deserving one, so how could this discrimination have taken place in the religious scriptures ?

I would like to tell why women have been disallowed from performing Tejopasana.  In this context, my Shree Guru has explained the procedure in an extremely scientific manner.  According to Him (Paratpar Guru  Dr. Jayant Athavale), the reproductive organs are inside the bodies of women; hence, if the spiritual level is less than 50% and there is no Guru in one’s life, the spiritual energy does not  flows in an upward direction in different  chakras present in the Sushumna Naadi and that energy starts getting accumulated inside the reproductive organs; hence, those women who are in a reproductive phase, can develop reproductive problems;  thus, women should avoid doing Tejopasana as per their own  intellect.   On the other hand , the reproductive organs of men being outside the body, even if their spiritual ability is less, the energy escapes outside in some quantity.  However, if the spiritual capacity is less, men too can have problems from the spiritual practice of fire element, only if Guru has prescribed the Sadhana, will the men and women not have any problems ! – (Paratpar guru) Tanuja Thakur
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