Blog was hacked on 14th July 2012 at about 10.30 pm and regained on 15th at 10.30 am

Yesterday(14.7.2012) night I was experiencing irressistable sleep from seven thirty in the evening while delivering the lecture in Patna , I was fighting hard to keep my eyes open and by nine shooting pain in my chest started and hyper acidity had started by eight thirty pm . By ten I was totally drained and ten thirty when I reached Shri Verma’s house I was not even in a position to talk , I lay nearly in an unconscious state for the next two hours , and then was able to get up and change my dress . Whole night the subtle war continued till four in the morning, when I got up with the alarm and found the sms from one seeker that my blog has been hacked from one of the muslim countries . When I got up in the morning I found my eyes swollen , the gross effect of the subtle yudh . After I came to know of this , the subtle war for the blog started in the conscious state with the prayer and chanting . One seeeker of Upasana got the site back by 10.30 am  yato dharmah tato jayah !

Here the hackers were the medium of the negative energies of the sixth Patal region and one of our seeker of Upasana was the medium of the Almighty who restored the blog through his engineers . Surprisingly my subtle reading came that the hackers were from some arabian countries and the engineers too told the same , similarly the hackers started the process around seven thirty and I too started feeling the negativity around the same time . Tanuja Thakur

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