Whose name should one chant, the Kuldevta or Kuldevi?

If there is only Kuldevta, that name should be chanted and if a family has only Kuldevi, Her name should be chanted.
If a family has both, the name of Kuldevi should be chanted. The reason goes thus: in our childhood, even when both the parents are there, the children become adamant only with the mother, for the mother fulfils all the wishes. Similarly, in comparison to Kuldevta, the Kuldevi can be appeased faster.
If one’s Kuldevta is Ganesh, Panchayatan, or Vishnu Panchayatan, consider the head of Gods of Panchayatan, meaning Ganesh, or Vishnu (in that order) as the Kuldevta.
If the name of Kuldevta is not known, the elders of the family should make efforts to seek more information on Kuldevta from the family name, caste brethren, or from people of the village, or from the village priest. Some families have a family tree. That too contains the name of Kuldevi or Kuldevta.
If the name of Kuldevta is not known, one can chant ‘Shree Kuldevtayee Namah’, or can chant the name of the favourite deity. After a certain period upon completion of the chanting of the favourite deity, the saint who reveals the name of Kuldevta, or the Guru himself comes into one’s life to give Gurumantra.

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