Vidur Niti

पूर्वे वयसि तत् कुर्याद् येन वृद्ध: सुखं वसेत् |
यावज्जीवेन तत् कुर्याद् येन प्रेत्यं सुखं वसेत् || – विदुर नीति
Purve vaysi tat kuryaad yen vridha sukham vaset
Yaavajjiwen tat kuryad yen pretyam sukham vaset- vidur niti
Meaning : A man should spend his formative early years of life in doing such noble deeds that his old age becoming a pleasant one and he is able to reap such rewards that he lives happily in his afterlife too .
Implied Meaning : Our younger generation these days is doing totally opposite to above shloka. That s why few of them at a very young age are behind the bars of prison on account of immoral activity in sports and few commit suicide at a young age. By leading a righteousness life abiding Dharma, by earning ones livelihood through fair means and remaining content in whatever one earns helps in removing obstacles from our future life and afterlife also improves. But it is very saddening to convey that we have failed in imparting knowledge of such a fundamental principle of life to our youth. Prevailing immorality and unrighteousness in our country is the result of failure on part of our government, educationist, sociologists and religious scholars.

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