Intellect Versus Spirituality

In spirituality, those who rely on their intellect cannot go beyond state of Jigyasu (curious) but one who relies on words of guru , initially begin as seekers, then reach the state of the disciple and finally attains the level of guru.  – Paratpar Guru Dr. Jayant Athavale
Implied meaning :  Through intellect ,one cannot understand more than 2% of spirituality. Rest 98% spiritual knowledge comes only by undertaking spiritual practice. Intellect becomes an obstacle on the spiritual path. Because spirituality is beyond what intellect can percieve and those who fully depend upon their gross intellect get stuck in their spiritual journey after a certain level. But one who considers words uttered by his Sadguru as ultimate Truth can go on progressing and ultimately attain Moksha and that is why it is said that Mantra mulam gurur vaakyam,moksha mulam gurukrupa.

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