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Anubhuti of seekers
I had met Tanuja Didi in June 2012 for the second time. On June 20, 2012, there was a Satsang (session of pious company) at the house of a seeker in Noida (near Delhi). As soon as Tanuja Didi arrived for her Satsang, I could feel the vibrations of Shakti (energy) emanating from her. When the Satsang started, for a few minutes I could see Didi’s face a bit hazily and one of the eyes started watering excessively and I felt, as if somebody was drumming my head and all this kept happening till the time the Satsang continued.
– A seeker
Analysis of Anubhuti: During a Satsang, the collective Saatvikta (purity) increases and for this reason, spiritual solutions are automatically carried out on seekers who suffer from problems caused by negative energies. Such is the imporance of a Satsang. If the seeker who is conducting the Satsang, possesses the ability to carry out spiritual healing, even then seekers present during the Satsang get such Anubhutis.

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