“Kshama veerasy abhushanam” Correct perspective of forgivness

How to behave with an evil person, in this article one person has said, “Kshama veerasy abhushanam’. (meaning – the jewellary of a brave person is forgiveness) So, understand the correct perspective on forgiveness– if someone hurts you at a mentally in the society, or condemns you through speech, one should surely pardon that person from a spiritual viewpoint; but if evil people are perpetrating atrocities upon others in the society, that person should immediately be handed out the severest of the punishment, otherwise it will not take much time for adultery to spread in the society. Just look at an instance, we have been excusing Pakistan’s evil deeds and its morale is going up, looking at its crooked deeds towards Indian Border, China too enters inside our territory and makes us dismantle our own bunkers with our own hands! Similarly everywhere, rapes are taking place. Actually, if the rapists are whip-lashed in public within two days and handed out a death sentence, all other sensual males will lose the hunger to satiate their lust will immediately vanish into thin air because of the fear of death sentence! Hence, which quality must be imbibed at what time, this must be asked from spiritually evolved person or experts on scriptures and those qualities must be imbibed ! One who pardons those who bring harm to the nation and to the society is an impotent person and such people are the destroyers of society and the nation. – Tanuja Thakur

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