Know the facts and spread it

Know the facts and spread it, is my humble request to all of you !! – Tanuja Thakur

O Hindus, Comprehend this in reference to defamation of H.H. Asaram Bapu !
1. If the life of H.H. Asaram Bapu is understood from all the angles, anybody, who believes in God will bow unto His holy feet !

Even though no charge is yet proved against H.H. Asaram Bapu, periodicals and TV channels are competing with each other to spew poison day and night. In this respect, aspects as given ahead need to be noted.

A. H.H. Asaram Bapu has inspired Crores of Hindus to perform sadhana (Spiritual practice). On the contrary, His opponents have not inspired anybody to perform sadhana, nor they performed any sadhana. On the contrary, they have turned thousands of Hindus away from sadhana.

B. Lakhs of devotees of H.H. Asaram Bapu have perceived Anubhutis (Spiritual experiences) connected with Him. Such Anubhutis cannot be perceived unless an individual is an authority on Spirituality.

C. O critics of H.H. Asaram Bapu ! Have you a pluck to perform social, national, and religious work like Him, as given ahead ?

Yoga Vedant Samiti of H.H. Asaram Bapu conducts Balsanskarvarg (Moral education class for children) all over the country.
He started the celebration of ‘Parents day’ to oppose ‘Valentine Day’, which turns the society immoral.
He created awakening against religious conversion of Hindus to Christianity thereby preventing conversion of Hindus.
He established thousands of Hindu schools for the sake of Hindu children
He built houses in Gujarat for the poor.
He established thousands of Go-shala (Cow shelters) for nourishing cows.
Entire Asaram Bapu sect is leading in social service mission.

This apart, H.H. Asaram Bapu has performed even larger mission in social, national, and religious fields.

D. Because of the work carried out by H.H. Asaram Bapu, major harm is caused to international companies and Christian Missionaries. Therefore, His defamation is an international conspiracy. Everybody should apply his mind whether an individual, who possess enough morality to perform such a big task will defile himself by committing a heinous act like rape.
2. Will Saints not supporting H.H. Asaram Bapu be ever be able to unite Hindus ?

While such false accusations are being hurled at H.H. Asaram Bapu, not a single Saint is speaking in His support. This is a very sorry tale. Would such Saints ever be guiding for the unity of Hindus ? Now, it is essential that Hindus themselves should take a lead to unite without waiting for guidance from Saints regarding the unity of Hindus.
3. Will the so-called Hindu political parties not helping Saints like H.H. Asaram Bapu ever be making efforts for the establishment of Hindu Rashtra ?
4. O Hindus ! Remember the quote of Dharmaraj ‘We are 105’ !

When Dharmaraj learnt that Gandharvas (Celestial musicians, in the category of inferior Deities) attacked Kauravas, he decided to help Kauravas. On that occasion, Bhim asked him, ‘When Kauravas caused us so much distress, why should we hurry to help them ?’ Dharmaraj replied, ‘Whatever may be the case; after all, Kauravas are our brothers, hence we will support them !’ Now here is a Saint like H.H. Asaram Bapu, who has inspired Crores of Hindus to perform sadhana. Anybody, who may be performing sadhana under the guidance of any other sect has a duty to stand firmly behind H.H. Asaram Bapu and thus, create confidence in the mind of His devotees that we stand together with you.

Paratpar Guru His Holiness Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale (2.9.2013)

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