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Car Crash With Cow


Anubhuti of seekers :
During the present times, several accidents take place during travelling, hence all seekers may kindly write down the prayer of this Anubhuti in an exercise book and follow this during travelling!

Anubhuti of Shri Mahendra Sharma of Delhi: On March 1, 2013 we were travelling with Pujya Tanuja Maa in a four-wheeler vehicle from Delhi to Rishikesh, I, Didi and a driver were the only three people sitting in the car. About five kilometres short of Rishikesh, two cows were fighting violently with each other and one of the cows suddenly leapt towards us and banged against our car. The speed of our vehicle must have been about 40 kmph, despite extreme foresight by our driver, the accident could not be completely avoided and the cow banged against our vehicle; but what was surprising was that neither was the cow injured, nor was there any damage to our car. I can say with absolute confidence that this was a miracle caused by the divinity of Pujya Tanuja Maa, otherwise ordinarily in such a situation, it would have been impossible that neither does the cow get injured, nor does the vehicle get damaged.

Analysis of Anubhuti

During the present times, the evidence of problems caused by negative energies has increased, hence seekers must seek from the deity they worship, a Suraksha Kavach (protective armour) on themselves and for the vehicle in which they are travelling. Due to divine grace, I had got an inkling beforehand that we would meet with an accident even before we had started the journey, hence all of us prayed to God Shiva for an armour on all of us and the vehicle and had put up a Trishul (trident) as an armour in front of the vehicle, this Trishul protected us and our vehicle from the negative energy that had planned to inflict damage upon us through the medium of a cow.
Before starting the journey, we can pray thus, ‘O God ! (remember the deity you worship), may my journey today be uninterrupted and may we reach our destination on time, may you shower such grace upon us and negative energies may not be able to create any hindrance in our journey and may your weapons create a Suraksha Kavach around us and around our vehicle till the completion of the journey, have such grace upon us” and on the completion of the journey, do not forget to express gratitude towards the deity. Pray thus, “O God! Due to your grace and Kavach, our journey could be completed uninterrupted and we could reach our destination blissfully, towards this end all of us express our gratitude towards you, please continue to always maintain such grace upon all of us.

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