A man of perfect knowledge should not unsettle the foolish one of imperfect knowledge

Prakriter gunasammoodhaah sajjante gunakarmasu;
Taan akritsnavido mandaan kritsnavin na vichaalayet. -Shreemad Bhagwadgeeta (3;29)
Those deluded by the qualities of Nature are attached to the functions of the qualities. A man of perfect knowledge should not unsettle the foolish one of imperfect knowledge.

Implied Meaning: The entire creation is at a different spiritual level, hence the absolute knowledgeable one must behave having understood this principle, for the behaviour of beings is in accordance with the spiritual level. Even after getting human birth, those who are at a lower spiritual level, remain immersed in enjoying worldly pleasures, they feel that I am the gross body and the main reason for their coming into this world is enjoying the pleasures and experiencing happiness. Such a person does not have any interest in spirituality and Sadhana. God Shree Krushna says, “It is not proper to impart Dnyan (knowledge)’ and such persons have been called foolish. Such a person must be left to himself/herself to behave according to their Tamoguni (Tama-based) nature, if the Dnyanis (knowledgeable ones) understand this much that the creation is to sustain itself for thousands of years still, and every being retains its own place and importance in the turn of events operating the creation and retaining such a thinking will not lead to their being remorseful upon seeing the others seeped in Maya (illusion). While imparting Dnyan, one who does not have any interest in God and does not want to know anything about Him, such people should not be imparted Dnyan, similarly one who feels that he/she possesses a lot of knowledge and has more ego, such people too should not be imparted Dnyan. Dnyan should only be imparted to a person who does not know about spirituality, but once the person is told, he/she listens to it with humility and tries to bring it into practice, thus Dnyan must be imparted to one who is polite, is of a curious disposition; hence while propagating Dnyan, a Dnyani (knowledgeable one) should practice a little bit about the person to whom Dnyan is being imparted, only then will be the act of imparting Dnyan be of consequence. Several beings are at different grades of spiritual level and according to the times, they too will make slow progress continuously and a Dnyani must accept this fact and behave as if he/she is merely a witness. Imparting Dnyan so that everyone turns towards God, without looking at the eligibility would be improper; hence, looking at a person with Tamoguni attitude totally immersed in the world, a Dnyani must not get anxious. Tanuja Thakur

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